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RTP Process in SAP

RTP stands for – Returnable Transport Packaging

Generally RTP Process as used Most of all industries.

Why RTP Process is useful to all indistries: Before going to explanation, First will discuss with example.

Generally some of the materials it is very difficult to send with out packaging materials, For these materials Vendor will send materials with packaging or some container. Example : Oxygen Cylinder, Gas cylinder, Water cans, milk with container, oil with container, etc……

With out packaging material vendor can’t supply these material, So should transport or pack with container. But these materials are very expensive. So vendor will ask return these material once you utilise the mateiral. These process generally called as a Returnable Transport Packaging.

Meaning : Returnable Transport Packaging is process, User return the Packaging material to Vendor once utilise the Material through the transporting. It is Special stock, You can manage in SAP seperately.

Same like in SD Process Customer Returnable Transport Packaging. Here When you sell the goods to Customer, you can’t trasport directly mateiral for some material, It is possible only with packaging. These packaging material are very expensive, But customer not required these packaging material. So, Customer return the Goods to Seller.

SAP provides the mateiral type for Returnable Packaging(LEIH). You can see in OMS2.

For Customer Returnable Packaging in SD, you can see below link.

Please look in to below Steps for RTP Process in MM. RTP materials are stored in our premises but owner of these RTP materials belongs to Vendor.

Different scenario’s with RTP material

1) Goods Receipt with out PO : posting RTP stock without PO

T-code MIGO


501 Movement type for normal material and 501 M material for RTP material

501 M –GI receipt to RTP.




Scenario 2 : Goods receipt with PO.

In this scenario, PO created with main material. When you are doing Goods receipt with PO, you can enter non order items by selecting 


If you want to post return with reversal  Mvt type 502 M.

Hope it is help full to all.

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