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How to assign a mistakenly voided check to a payment

I would like to share my knowledge related to assigning a voided check to a payment.

Sometimes we void a check and payment inadvertently vide FCH8.

When we try to cancel the voided check payment using F110–>Environment–>Check info–>Delete–> Reset data and resetting the voiding data  SAP will not be allowing to reverse the reversal.

Resetting vide FCHG also in vain.

You cannot assign the void check vide FCH5 either.

Though the vendor encashed, because of reversal in system, the payment document got reversed and vendor liability gets opened and Bank account(in SAP) will be credited as well.

Now the Bank reconciliation statement will not tally and there is a risk of paying once again for the same document.

Lets see how to overcome such a situation.


  • Create a Automatic Payment Run vide F110 for the vendor for that open item.
  • New check number will be assigned for that.
  •                                 Or
  • Do payment posting vide F-53
  • Assign a check number vide FCH5.
  •                   Now
  • Go to FCHT give the recent payment document’s check number in the Data on the First check tab and enter the voided check to be assigned in the Data on the Second check tab.

Now what happens is the voided check is assigned to the new payment document and new check is assigned to the old payment document and it is showed as void.

I have tried to make the blog as much short and sweet as possible, but do not missed out any key points.

Hope this blog helps.

I expect your valuable feedback either positive or negative. Positive feedbacks for appreciation and negative feedbacks for correcting mistakes.

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