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Hi To All,

SIT-BLR 2013 @ Bangalore 4th time around happened on Nov 17th 2013 (Sunday).

Saturday being a rainy day hampered the attendees @ SIT-BLR 2013, but not the intensity and the fun that we all had.

I was a bit let down by the number of attendees @ SIT-BLR 2013, but by the end of the it was one heck of a day.

What happened during the day has already been told by my fellow Attendees Jitendra Kansal &  Kavindra Joshi. It hardly leaves me any more option to tell what happened.

All I can now share was my experience of my first SIT-BLR.

SAP Inside Track a community organized event that gives an unique opportunity to meet with fellow community (SCN) members face-to-face, share knowledge, discuss on current topics etc.

I was just thinking what will I be doing throughout the day but after listening to topic’s like ABAP debugger scripting , Hadoop-HANA Integration my view completely changed.

It was a great experience attending SIT event for the first time but definitely won’t be my last.

I just hope next year i get to also present @ SIT-BLR.


Piyas Kumar Das

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  1. Somnath Manna

    Your presentation If there is a SITBLR next year?

    The way signup vs actual attendees is falling next year mathematically it will be -ve.

    Don’t want to sound negative but that is a reality.

    Best regards,


  2. Kavindra Joshi

    Hi Piyas ,

    You realize the importance of events after attending,I thought the tepid response made sure that whoever attended the event came to know each other and we had very good discussion.

    See you next time around.


    1. Piyas Kumar Das Post author

      Hi Kavindra,

      I do Agree with you but the importance of these events no one can realise until they have attended it.

      I definitely hope to see you next time.




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