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SAP Inside Track Bangalore 2013 in Photos

The fourth edition of SAP Inside Track Bangalore opened up to a foggy morning and tepid response. The delegate passes were issued

                                                                      Delegate Pass.png

Never mind the response , the agenda was already set and we went around the business.


Somnath Manna started the ball rolling with this queer video

                                                            IMG_20131117_100151.jpg     IMG_20131117_100209.jpg

Next came the discussion on MOOC, kick started by Kumud Singh joined by Somnath MannaJitendra Kansal  &Kavindra Joshi . ( Photo of Somnath & Kumud) . The discussion centered around , openhpi and other MOOCs. Participants shared their experiences of MOOCs.


Next session was a session on Hadoop-HANA Integration by Arun Bala and Stabak Ghosh. A very insightful presentation on how they built up a model using HADOOP and HANA to monitor consumer sentiment based on tweets.


Then came the Tea break which provided the participants an opportunity to network over tea.


  Next came the presentation on ABAP debugger scripting by myself. It dealt with customizing debugging experience using ABAP debugger scripting.


  This was followed by a session by Kumud Singh on Experience sharing on HANA associate certification exam and her experience with Code Jam. She highlighted how a POC which she did helped and then finally she did take the plunge into HANA associate certification exam. She touched upon her learning with Code Jam and how beneficial it could be.


As we wereheading for lunch and pizza was on the way , Somnath Manna started his session on HANA in SCN space. This was session where he highlighted various SCM solutions and the effect of HANAizing them. This was free wheeling session where the participants chiped in with their queries and their insights.


Next agenda was the lunch and we had pizzas on menu. As people munched pizzas , the discussion moved freely from Mobility to technology affecting our lives to how intelligence agencies use technology for intelligence gathering. As the discussion went on participants gulped colas on offer and ate the sumptuous  pizza on offer.

Then began the speed networking round which again was a free-wheeling experience sharing session where participants networked and discussed.

Final session of the day was by Vishwanath on SAP UI5/HTML5. He provided insights on how HTML5 could be used both in SAP and non SAP system and discussed some use cases. He answered some questions from participants who had been working on similar challenges.


This was followed by a Quiz on SCN10 by Kumud Singh


The participants voted for the best presentation and I won the best presentation ( Yippee 🙂 😀 ).


That wrapped an action-full day. Photo credits to Suvonkar Bashak

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