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Cloud for Customer: Create new tabs and add fields


In this short blog I just wanted to make you aware of a little-known but very handy option that the Adaptation Mode offers in Cloud for Customer. I guess you all know that it is really easy to create new fields and add those to the Header part of a business object. This way, fields are shown on the left side of the business object’s page. In case you would like to add many new fields, or want to add them but not show them on the main overview, it is also possible to add new tabs to a standard business object.

What is less known, however, is that you can easily move any header field (standard or key user) to the new tab(s) you created yourself. This way you can customize the screen exactly according to your business needs.

Let me show in an example with a few screenshots below:

  1. Go to the business object you would like to extend. In my example, I use the Account for this.
  2. Go into Adaptation Mode. On the right hand, you should select Tabs in the Screen Layout part. The tabs will then be shown in the bottom and you can click on Add. Give the tab a name and click OK:1.JPG
  3. The new tab is created and shown immediately:
  4. Now scroll down to the Extension Fields part on the right-hand side. As you can see you can only create new fields in the Header.
  5. Let’s create a new field and ensure it is visible. As you can see, it is added to the Header by default. So far, nothing new maybe…
  6. But now it gets interesting: you can simply drag and drop the field to the new tab (please forgive me for the silly arrow, but you know what I mean).
    Note: you can do the same thing with the standard fields. As an example I also included Parent Account.
  7. After you save and publish your changes, this will give the following screen:

So, summarizing: it is really easy to create new fields and add those to a new tab. You just need to go ‘via’ the header to make them available. BTW, you can still make the field also available on the header by selecting the Visible flag in the extension field’s details.

Best regards,


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  • First of all: Great work, thanks.

    I just found out about this functionality myself and i was wondering if it was possible to modify the Layout of the new tab, or is it only possible to add fields on a blank screen?


    • Hi Alessandro,

      Thanks. You can set the sequence of the fields by drag and drop, but if you would lik eto have something more, like the blocks you see on the Overview page, this would require development (PDI). You could think of a workaround by creating a display-only field that serves as a kind of header, but that also only offers limited functonality.



      • Thanks for the post.  We were able to add fields to the new tab but after we save and publish, then we go back in edit mode to add another field, we are not able to get to the tab to add the new field.   Any reason why?

        • Hi Abraham,

          When you are in Edit Screen within the Adaptation Mode, you cannot switch tabs. You need to exit the Edit Screen function, change to the tab, and then click on Edit Screen Again. Don't know why 😉 .

  • Dear Joost,

    Thanks for the post.

    I have one question regarding this post.

    Is it possible to add more than one section under a newly created tab?

    I want to arrange my created extension field separate section wise.

    Image 2.png

    Thanks & Regards,

    Manoj Kannaujiya.

    Image 2.png