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       You didnt mention how the VBR modifier came against GBB. Actually it is depending on the account assignment category. Here, you used acc assignment K. Go to OME9 transaction and go to details of the account assignment category K and check the account modifier assigned. It will be VBR. It will be good if you mention the same in your document.

        Nice document. Keep it up.



  2. Preeti Kashyap

    We can add PVK also here for the scenario of over/under delivery tolerance when we are not using Material Master and having tolerance limit while doing MIGO.



    1. Dibyendu Patra Post author

      You can do it via Info record.

      Create an info record. with vendor and material group.

      Maintain the PVK details in info record.

      Then while creating PO you have to call up the info record manually.
      Then all PVK details will come to PO.

  3. Former Member

    Dear Dev,

    Thanks for this document, I would like to raise one questions:

    – In the case I use the valuation class assigned to my Material Group for WRX to determine an G/L account in MIGO, system will use the “blank” line in WRX instead, why?

    – Imagine a case where a customer wants two different GR/IR G/L accounts for two different Non inventory Material Group ? How should we proceed ?

    Best regards,


  4. Former Member

    Hi Dibyendu Patra,

    While trying to map this account determination in sandbox.. i found out that none of the above setting exist for material group but at GRN account is determined ?? How??

    Correct me if I am wrong…

    I believe irrespective of valuation class whatever G/L account you pass in PO that will get determine at GRN but in OBYC an entry with that G/L A/c and VBR modifier must be exist. Ex can be like below

    0001 VBR 3000 400000

    So if 400000 G/L passed in PO the above entry will get determine irrespective of valuation class.

    In case of using an specific G/L account above setting will do best.


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