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Author's profile photo manu m

Rules of Engagement: A more proactive way

Rules of Engagement: A more proactive way 

Appreciate the efforts put in formulating the Guide lines and Rules of Engagement.

But have a suggestion for its process improvement/Application.

Current process: Any one can post and moderators need to find whether it’s within the rules of Engagement and if not, it’s deleted or any action is taken by the moderators.

Reason  could be lack of knowledge from the  new users or a mere  ignorance. And we don’t have  a proactive system in place to avoid such instances. 

Recommend: when a User try to post the Blog/Document  – Why can’t system give a POP up Msg. asking  “Did you checked in SCN on the content availability? Or “Are you posting it in correct Forum “with a brief note

Same way -If a user post a Question: When post tab is clicked – system need to trigger a warning Msg. Asking “Did you checked in SCN whether any Document is available”

All Msg. need to a warning type. User can bypass it and post the Question/Document/Discussion.

Same way: On replying to a POST in the forum,  System need to have few check points and Question to ask

For E.g.: If a link alone is provided as Solution.System should suggest “Giving only the link is not acceptable  give the format in a  brief.

The validation and control andcheck points on what, how, when need to trigger can be done by moderators and apply it for SCN.

Once implemented the % improvement can be analyzed. A research can give the % improvement prior to this implementation.

Objective: SCN can operate in a more proactive way in this area.

Please share your thought on this

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      I am all for being proactive, but you do earn a badge for the rules of engagement.

      I ask, how hard is it to learn the rules that we all should have learned in Kindergarten - no copying, no copying someone else's work as your own (like cheating on homework), unique content, and enter your information right space (right line, right classroom). 

      The other thing is to "search before you post" - rule number one in my book. 

      I don't want to be difficult, I want to understand but too many times I've seen content that is not unique, a copy of someone else's work (especially the SAP help) and contributors simply not searching before they post.

      Just my opinion, I look forward to hearing others.

      Author's profile photo manu m
      manu m
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tammy Powlas,

      Good to see your note but the blog above were not intended for an individual.

      Objective: Is to get the feedback from the users of Scn and moderators on this improvement. There is always room for improvement.

      As a free thinker, I just shared my thought.

      Now, In SAP, The product has many Msg popping up while doing transaction. Some are Error and others just a warning or information. The profile of average SAP users will be an undergraduate with  business experience. Still SAP gives the control and monitors all transaction with the Msg. We all know why 🙂

      On SCN Rules of engagement:  I pointed out how “rule of engagement” reachable to all users at an early stage before they commit a mistake. That was my only indentation.

      • Ø Beneficiaries: Moderators and Users
      • Ø Objective: To make Rules of Engagement reachable to all SCN users

      Please share your thought and look forward a valuable suggestion from you. 

      Author's profile photo Martin Hinderer
      Martin Hinderer

      You will not educate people and change their behavior by making a system more restrictive. This is not working with SAP applications (although a lot of consultants will tell you this) and it will also not work with SCN. It will result in the same behavior we all know from the "are you sure you want to delete this file" dialog: you will start to ignore it and just click on yes. And it will annoy you as it takes time to click on these dialogs.



      Author's profile photo manu m
      manu m
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Martin,

      It is  a convincing reply.

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      The rules of engagement lead us to the right way for helping people on their conduct while SCN members. I am new at the community and I am really enjoying the way people are organized here. Thanks a lot!

      Author's profile photo manu m
      manu m
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Marcos for the your  comment.



      Author's profile photo Jason Lax
      Jason Lax

      There might be some benefits towards a proactive system. I've seen one where the title field acts like a search box showing results based on what you enter.

      For example, when you create a new discussion and start writing "ABAP Debugger help..." in the title field, a window appears with a list of matching search results that might answer your query. Then you can visit one of the search results without creating what might end up being a redundant discussion thread. 

      One drawback to this is enormous amount of resources needed to do this efficiently: with millions of blog posts, documents and discussion threads in the index and volume of new content being created every minute, it may negatively impact site performance and user experience.

      As for warnings, we already have messages on several SCN spaces specifying what content should be created there. The spaces include SCN Support ("Not product support"), Coffee Corner ("Blog Posts and Documents will be rejected automatically"), SAP Help Portal Features ("Not product support"), Business Intelligence, etc. These still go unheeded and, at least in SCN Support, there's 1 or 2 misplaced posts a day that we have to move. I think moderating new user content has been really beneficial in cutting down not-a-blog-posts and not-a-documents.

      Maybe we just have to add a step in the registration process where new members have to type in a field "I will search before I post new content" to complete the process 😆

      Author's profile photo manu m
      manu m
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Jason. Good suggestion 🙂