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In this blog, I would like to share you undocumented feature of PayloadZipBean module using which you can gzip/gunzip XI payloads.

  • to gzip the payload, use param value gzip for parameter name zip.mode in the module configuration
  • to gunzip, use param value gunzip for parameter name zip.mode in the module configuration

Please note that, only main payload can be gzipped using this feature

for more information on general usage of payloadzipbean module , SAP help: PayloadZipBean (SAP Library – SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure)

for more information on gzip, please check:

Hope this undocumented feature helps your integration requirements 🙂 .

Best Regards,

Praveen Gujjeti

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  1. Muniyappan Marasamy

    Thanks Praveen for sharing.

    how can we see the file size after gzipping?

    channel log gives me size before gzip and after gunzip. i am just wondering if we can see the filesize.

    i am using file to file scenario using ico (without ESR)



    1. Praveen Gujjeti Post author

      Hi Muni,

      As I understand from your statements that message size is not audit logged after gzipping. May be this functionality is not in the gzip module code.

      I think you should consider writing a generic custom adapter module to the read size of gzip content

      Best Regards,

      Praveen Gujjeti


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