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Deploying Oracle JDBC Driver in PI 7.3 System through SUM

This document describes the procedure to deploy/update  Oracle Driver on PI 7.3 systems using SUM.

Normally, if we have a PI 7.3 system is because we have updraded from PI 7.1. 

This document talk about upgrade jdbc-jms adapters from PI 7.1 and provide a path from SAP NetWeaver 7.1 PI Java Installation DVD.  But, ¿what happens if our installation it’s over 7.3?

The first thing that comes to mind is download installer of “SAP Netweaver PI 7.3” but this does not exist, the correct way it’s download SAP Netweaver 7.3 Java components because the Netweaver 7.3  it’s the base for upgrade to PI 7.3.


So, oh surprise!!! The .sda archive described on This document it does not appear.  Bad way again!!.

If you try to upgrade with the archive from Netweaver 7.1 you could find with this error.


So guys, if you have an SAP Netweaver PI 7.3 upgraded from 7.1 this is you have to do.

  1. Like it’s described on This document   the .sda archive we have to modify is:, so we must download the .sca archive that contain it,  so first identify which Software Component is associated to the Development component.  The software component is SAP-XI3RDPARTY


2. This software component can be downloaded Support Package and Patches -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP EHP1 FOR SAP NETWEAVER 7.3 ->Entry by Component-> PI Adapter Engine (Java EE). ->XI 3RD PARTY 7.31    and download the SP level you want.


3. Once downloaded, open a the .sda archive with a zip program, e.g winrar, and extract  the provider.xml descriptor, located in server folder, in a folder of your pc.


4. Afterwards, get into .sda, the  ojdbc6.jar  over the lib folder


5. Modify the provider.xml adding the reference to the new jar


6. Deposit again the xml archive into the .sda

7. Use the Software Update Manager (SUM) to deploy the modified   Here only on thing, ensure that you new .sda be over /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in, NOT other folder.

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  • Hi Yassir,

    It is a very nice explanation, thank you. The only thing I do not understand is how you made the SUM deploy the SAPXI-3RDPARTY.SCA. The following note explains it is not possible and it is a normal behaviour.

    1401570 - PI Upgrade: SAP-XI3RDPARTY SC Version not updated

    "Since customers deploy their own 3rd-party drivers with them, they must not be overwritten by during an update or upgrade. For this reason these Development Components (DCs) are handled in a special manner by SUM (Software Update Manager) and the version of SC SAP-XI3RDPARTY remains unchanged. Note that JSPM was replaced by SUM (see SAP note 1589311) and should not be used anymore."

    In my case, I successfully deployed the SAPXI3RDPARTY12_0-10009499.SCA containing some IBM's MQ Server drivers following the note above mentioned:

    Connect to your Engine with "telnet <host_name> <telnet_port>", where the telnet port is by default "5<system_number>08", e.g. 50008 for instance number 00. You can deploy the archives with command



    Luis Clemente

  • Hi Yassir,

    Thanks for sharing blog. Can you please let me know which JAR file is required for Oracle

    Also, please confirm me if my understanding is correct.

    1st thing is I need to deploy JAR file

    2nd is I need to deploy JDBC DRIVERS

    Please let me know if I am skipped anything here.


    Rashmi Joshi

  • You can use this tool to make the sda file:

    "1987079 - PI: How to use the SDA Maker Tool to create the deployable SDA for JMS and JDBC drivers"