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Cost Component wise detail of Production Orders- Report Designing through Report Painter/Writer

Dear Friends

This document is intended to use for novice (like me). The pressure mounted by the client (and sometimes by the parent company also) puts us in hot waters and we are bound to take help of others. Thanks to SAP for creating such a wonderful place (for me like a garden) where we get best help without demanding anything against it.

Any ways without beating the bush I will come directly to the point.

I was asked by the client to show cost component wise detail of Process Orders for a given period. First I tried to search in the standard reports but could not get success. Then I scratched my head but could not get success again. At last I went in the shelter of SCN and posted there a query for the same with an intension that my favorite consultants will reply soon and the same happened. On the very next day I got replies from experts. Out of that Mr. Ajay Maheshwari SAP Trainer Sir’s reply was more suitable for me as I did not want to go for ABAP reports.

Ajay Sir suggested me to go for Report painter/writer report which he had already discussed with some other consultant in some old thread till that time I never worked on Report painter/writer so bit afraid to start a new venture. But any how I was to satisfy client’s requirement so jumped in the field. After preparation of report, I prepared a document with screen shots for this report for my future reference.

Recently I again saw the same requirement on SCN raised by Mr. David. Ajay Sir replied on this thread also and referred the same old thread again. He (David) tried but could not get through (as he and some other colleagues saying that the links given in Ajay sir string are not opening). However I am surprised because for me those are still live and perfectly opening.

When I assured Mr David (on the thread) that the links are opening to me and even I have prepared a report using it, and I have prepared a document with screens for my report. Mr. David requested me to send the document on mail but I thought why I should not post the document on SCN itself so that many other colleagues may also be benefited. Hence I am posting this document with due regards and thanks to Mr. Ajay Maheshwari. Also I would like to request him to make corrections (as he is actual owner of this document in a way) in the document.

The desired Format

Order No.   RM Cost      Wages   Power     Material OHs        Works OHs      Admn.OHs    Total Cost             GR Value     

How I designed the report

First of all create an additional Cost component structure (Auxiliary) and add one cost component ‘COGM’ to it. This is required to get the Credit (GR) values of order. This CCS can be created by copying your main CCS. For this report we have created ‘ZK’ CCS. Activate the CCS.

First we need to create Form

Go to KKO4. Give Form code and description


Press Create. It will look like below


Now Set General Data Selection


And update as follow


Double click row1 and select characteristic


Now double click on column1


Updates as follows


Confirm and change the name as ‘Output Qty’


Now double click second column heading and change as following. Remember we are creating this column for our Raw material Cost.


Click Ok and change Column name as RAW Material Cost.

Click next column heading and change it as below to fetch Wages figures


Likewise create columns for all of your cost components.

After that create a formula column for total of all cost components. This will look like below:


After it create one column for GR values like below


Your form is ready, Save it. Now create report. Go to Environment-report-create. Give report name code and description; give form name you just created.

Give Characteristics for reports


Give variable for report


Save and run report. System will ask you to assign report to a report group using GR51/GR52 and assign the report to it.

Output report will look like as under


The same report you can use for different drill down as defined in the characteristics of the report.

Your report is ready for presentation.

Now its my time to request you for your valuable suggestions as this is my first effort.


Rajneesh Saxena

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  • Dear Rajneesh,

    Now a days, I used to see your replays & explanations.  You are doing a commendable job.  I personally felt that now a day Mr. Ajay Maheshwari was little tied up his things & even though he tried his best when ever the situation required like a james bond, who saves the lives of human beings but this James bond saves the Co Consultants.  

    Moreover it would be appreciated your loyalty towards Ajay. 

    All the best for future endeavors.


    Raja Sekhar A

    • Dear Raja

      He, Mr. Ajay Maheshwari is a King (without a visible crown) of the forum. I have a lot of respect for him. I am reading his helping replies when even I was not in this field, So since then I am his follower.

      Thanks for appreciating my efforts, It boosts my energies to learn more and serve more.


      Rajneesh Saxena

  • Hi Raj

    I read your document "How to create T code...." and was wondering why you have not give a document to create a report itself but soon after I got it.

    Thanks for your help

    BR Shalabh

    • Dear Shalabh

      Seems that you are not following FIFO so this happened 😆 .

      Thanks for considering it a help, however this will come in use only when you will be asked to provide some report like this.


      Rajneesh Saxena

  • Dear Raj

    Will the creation of auxillary cost component affect the Material Ledger settings in any way. We have a material ledger in place and our cost compont is "HSAG", when I copy this and create another "HSAG1" will there be any effrect?

    With Regards

    Ahmed Zain

    • Hi Ahmed

      First of all thanks for giving your time to read the document.

      Aux cost component structure is only used for reporting purposes and it has no impact on ML. Only thing is when you want to see your cost in summarized manner then you use Aux CCS. Here in my case as I wanted to show the COGM in my report in order to capture amount credited to the order so I made an aux CCS where I made COGM as one cost component. Hope the matter is clear now.


      Rajneesh Saxena

    • Thanks Rajneesh for the assurance. In fact I did the report in a test system follwing the same steps of our Guru Ajay and was a little reluctant whether it will have an effect in the live system. Thanks again and keep it up


      Ahmed Zain

      • Dear Ahmed

        He (Ajay Sir) is mahaguru (can call him Dronacharya). Even I made this document on his leads only that I have mentioned in the document also.

        And now you should be double assured as arturo senosain has also seen the document. If there was some adverse effect of aux CCS on ML then he might have objected, as he is excellent at ML.


        Rajneesh Saxena

    • Hi Arturo

      When I was replying to Ahmed, I was just thinking of you and at the same time you saw the document (means you will live a long life), I was thinking the you can reply to Ahmed in a good way. However what I replied is correct in you opinion?

      Thanks for reading the doc.



  • Hi Rajneesh,

    Inspiration always does wonders and in your case also its proved that by inspiring from Ajay.

    Keep up the best work in coming days...

    BR, Srinivas Salpala

  • Hi Rajneesh,

    Its a very nice document, which helps any novice to reproduce without much efforts. But I know how hard to make a document easily understood by anyone. Thanks a lot.

    I will be expecting the best documentation like this from you in future also.



    • Hi Jose

      You are not only my favorite but favorite of every body's favorites. confused?? solve the puzzle. 😉

      Thanks for reading the document and giving such a wonderful comment. It gives me courage to work more.

      I am happy to see your presence again on the forum.


      Rajneesh Saxena

      • Hi Saxena ,

        First I like to thank you for this wonderful douctment.

        Request you help on this..

        Just follwing the above instruction,  during the creation of report for Cost Comp. Str.  and cost componet

        I don’t find any been populated here in variable selection. I tried creating in Define Variables for Reports(KE3E) but not successful in figuring out..

        Did I missed any step prior to this step?




        • Hi Kareem

          Thanks for reading the document and I am really feeling very good that at least one is there who is actually using it. Bro F4 dropdown is not available for selection of Cost component, you need to give it manually.

          Please share when you get success in the report it will further make me happy .


          Rajneesh Saxena

          • Dear Saxena/Ajay

            I have developed the cost of manufacured report based on your guidelines, however, as we are having material ledger, the report is coming in standard (Actual produced qty * std price), because the issue of material and activity to the process orders is on standard. My client want to see the same report in actual (Actual produced qty * actual price).

            Your valuable comments are required on how to satisfy my client.



          • Dear Ahmed

            I have not worked much on ML but hope at the revaluation step the orders are revalued at actual prices only so the report will fetch much desired result.

            How ever arturo senosain can give best comment on this. So I request him to give his valuable opinion on the matter.

            By the way I forgot to give you thanks for giving you time to read/understand and using the document. Thank you so much.


            Rajneesh Saxena

          • Hi Raj.

            +  the CCS assigned in OKTZ CO Area and the CSS of the sumarization levels (OKN0), is different stuff! This method work with sumarization levels, so system dont see the CCS assigned to the controllng area.

            + If you want the Actual CCS from ML, im afraid this is not the method to obtain. The Actual CCS is an average of every PP Order, including multilevel variances. This method only pick info from the order, cos the Sumarization Levels dont pick info from ML.


          • Hi Arturo/Ajay Maheshwari Sir/ Rajneesh sir.

            Rajneesh sir

            Please find the attached file all most we have achieved as per given details .now when we go for Execute this report through KKO0, output is coming only Qty, Material Cost, Wage , Power , Total Cost and GR VALUE i.e COGM not Updated, value not fetch .

            see the attached file , sorry i don knw here no option for attached file,

            see the screen shot below one by one sir

            Step 1. KK04

            Note : OKTZ Cost Component Structure ZK

            Now Create Report Menu Bar Environment

            Now I did KKO0 Execute

            Note : we have not configured report group GR51/GR52 to assign Report. kindly help me in this regards.

            We are facing last more then 20 days, Yr quick action will be highly appreciated.



            Step 1. KK04

            Note : OKTZ Cost Component Structure ZK

            Now Create Report Menu Bar Environment

            Now I did KKO0 Execute

            Here Material Cost all Component not display amount

            Note : after That I am confuse system not asked me to assign GR51/GR52 and assign the report to it.

            Kindly help me in this regard

            Sir your quick action will Be highly appreciated.

          • Dear Pranav

            Here I am not able to see the screens. If you don't mind create a thread (query) on the forum and attach screens there (PNG files).


            Rajneesh Saxena

          • Dear Sir,

            When i execute KKO0 system Picked Order Qty, but as we understand Order Might be anything Nos. but while Yield Confirmation is our main Output Qty against production.

            see the Screen shot Below, where Qty showing Nos.100 while we have produced  yield confirmation CO11N Qty only 50 Nos.



            Where i m doing wrong kindly correct me, so that our  material Cost Updated against Production Order.



  • Dear Rajneesh Sir,

    It's very nice document which help me to resolve the issues. Thanks a lotttt effort for to Prepare this type of document, seriously it gives me good knowledge. now i trying to prepare the Material Cost as per given Document, but sir m confuse here. once i will configured i will let u knw. Scenario is Management want to Know Material Cost against Finished Goods. i Hope that this document help us lottt.


    Pranav Kr. Gupta

    SAP FICO Consultant

    • Dear Pranav

      Thanks for taking such a serious note of my document. I am really happy to know that it is giving benefit to some friends in the community.

      Regarding your requirement "Material Cost against Finished Goods" frankly speaking I could not get it properly, what do you want? Any ways first you try yourself, If stuck some where, take try 3 more times then ask me or someone on the forum. I will surely try to help you for this if I know the solution to your issue.


      Rajneesh Saxena

      • Dear Sir,

        First of once again Thanks a lot..for motivate me.Thanku so much sir.

        sir, as per your documentation i have configured but after Executing T.Code KKO0 getting error. see the screen shot below.

        sir see the configured kindly correct me if done mistake

        Kind regards

        Pranav KR. Gupta

          • Sir,

            i have followed as you said , please find the attached file, i stuk now. wht should to see the COGM details.

            see the screen shot below i m trying to achieve Material Cost against Production Order.

            After that wht shold i do, m doing again Execute T.Code KKO0 but i unable to see the report

            kindly help me sir.



          • Dear Pranav

            You have done data collection for background processing. Have you run the job? How ever you don't need to do it in background, means you can remove background tick and run it. Or else now you can use SM37 to release your job which is already created



          • /
    • Thanks Krishna for giving time to read the document and appreciating it.

      However your first comment "The item does not exist. It may have been deleted." put me in trouble. What was that? Please share so that I can go further on the matter.


      Rajneesh Saxena

      • Nothing,

        Its really gud document. I thought it would be better if u would have written the assignment of cost component structure in OKN0(control parameters for data drill down)


  • Dear Experts and Rajneesh

    First of all thank you one and all for sharing your great experiences with us.

    I never worked in CO-PC but I have lot of interest. I got a chance to work in RP reports.

    As a 1st trial, I followed the suggestions and steps above and tried to create the PC -CCS report. While creating I got a warning - as below

    For field 'Cost Component', no characteristic value '115' exists (its same for all Cost components assigned with this CCS).

    Message No. KY040

    I have ignored and proceeded.. I have seen the results/report output as per the screen shot.. but the Cost components showing zero value..


    I realised the 1st instruction from Rajneesh-CCS(Auxiliary) is missing here.  is this is the only reason for the above warning and showing zero values in the report? How do I rectify the warning?


    I am curious to change the configuration (CCS(Auxi) and see the results. Since I am new to this area I need advise to proceed further to get the values at Cost Component wise.

    Please encourage me with your advises



    • Hi Rama

      Thanks for reading the document.

      I created one Aux CCS to include the value of COGM in the report which is usually not a part of our main CCS. So it is not a mandatory step.

      You need to check that you have a cost component called '115' assigned to your CCS.

      Also check that at OKN0 you have assigned your CCS under Data extr.... tab.

      Hope you will get success in creating report.



      • Hi Rajneesh

        Thank you so much for clarifying my queries i was badly awaiting for your response.... and I saw  CCS not assigned.. So I will change this now...

        103,....115 assigned to CCS.

        At present  Prod.Group type- showing "without product group" this is the reason for "not assigned" values in reporting?

        And  from below 4 options  which  option would be good for reporting?

        1. Product Hierarchy

        2. Material group

        3. CO product Group and  4 Without product group..

        Or KES3 -Product hierarchy is mandatory for getting the right values -without "non assigned"

        Is this settings from KES3/OKN0 will affect FAGLFLEXT Reports as well..(for non-assigned values). or which one is enough to get the assigned values.?


        Finally, to include COGM- Is this below config is sufficient or any more we need?(CCS-Auxi)

        For Manufacturing Companies COGM is not mandatory for reporting?


        I will try tomorrow and update my progress to all..

        Thanks once again.


        • Dear Rama

          Even without product group is also OK.

          Product hierarchy is not mandatory.

          About FAGLFLEXT reports I am not sure.

          In Aux CCS add one cost component for GOGM. However this is also not mandatory. Required if you wish to take complete detail of production orders in your report.



          • Hi Rajneesh

            Thank you very much!

            My report is looking good now.. They have added Cost Components without COGM.. if they need I will add it.

            Right now..We are good.. all credit goes to your Documents and SCN experts.

            Will keep you posted.

            Thanks once again