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BO Client Installation and configuration

To create the BO Objects like UDT/IDT etc.. we need to install the BI Client tools (SAP BO BI Platform) in client machine first . Well in majority of companies all these installation process might be done by either a Basis/BO admin, but in few firms you will need to do this on your own.

The Main purpose of this blog is for those who need to do it themselves and not familiar with the Basis/Admin. Hope this document saves their time and help them.

Download & Installing the Client Tools

To Download the Business Objects BI Platform Client tools , Logon to SAP Market Place and then follow the below screen (Highlighted)

PS Note: You must have Administrative rights to download these from the Market Place.


Now Click on the SBOP EDGE BI, you will see the below screen, Select the Version which you want to install.

PS Note: The version which you are installing in your Client Machine should be according to the version installed in the Server.


You can also use the above link highlighted in Green, for a quick download from the Market place.

Once you select the particular version to download, you will see the below screen (I chose BI 4.0 here)


Now Click on Installation and Upgrade, you will see below scree, Select the Operating System Linux/windows. I am selecting  Windows here


Now you can see the objects to download, like below screen


Scroll Down to select the SBOP BI PLATFROM for the service pack according to your server, scroll down and select the file (you should also check for Windows 32B/64B).


Now select your file (tick mark the check box) and then click ADD to Download Basket


PS Note: You have to download the “SAP Download Manager” first, if you don’t have it installed on your machine, system will prompt you to download it, once you install the Download manager, you can see the above File (SBOP BI Platform) in your machine like below.


Now select the desired file and click on Start (Download) button. This will install the BO Client tools in your machine.


After the successful installation of the Client tools, now you need to make sure server can be called from the client machine (your lap/desk).

For this you need to do a setting in the Client machine.

Here are the steps:

1)     Go to Start –> Run –> Drivers



2)     Go to –> ETC –>double click –>Hosts–>Right Click–>Edit with Notepad++


You must have authorization to EDIT the system file, if you don’t have you can check with your admin/ you can change it like below (by giving full access right to your system id).


Now, you need to add the BO Server IP address and System Name to the Hosts file, you can get that information from below

Central Management Console (CMC) URL to logon

CMC Link: http://<IP address/servername>:8080/BOE/CMC

BI Launch pad will be: http://<IP address/servername>:8080/BOE/BI (BI should be in caps)

Go to CMC –> Click on sessions (see the below pic)



You copy the system name from here (XXXXXXXX.XXXXX.local:6400 )  and enter them in the below host file

Host file.JPG


Save and close.

Now you can work on Client tools without any issues, Let’s logon to Universe Designer Tool (UDT), to check

UDT Logon

The system name will be blank by default, Here you can copy the system name as XXXXXXXX.XXXX.local:6400 , (which you copied this information from CMC as show in the pic above)


That it you can now work on UDT, assuming you have had created the OLAP connection in CMC already, if not, you can create and continue working.

Hope this help.

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