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Installation and System Migration – Target Import: How to build your own latest and complete SAP kernel with up to date SAR archives from SMP for SWPM (SAPEXE, SAPEXEDB, tp, dw, R3*, lib_dbsl)

Just want to share and add value to the great blog posted by @Stefan Seemann: Migration to SAP HANA: SAP Kernel update for the migration with “How-to” build own latest and complete SAP kernel with up to date binaries for Installan & target Import.

This method was used for almost all my installation and target migration on any Kernel release without any problem, and a smooth installation and target import was ensured with bug fixes on latest SAP kernels and .SAR archives. 

1) Download the Kernel DVD from SMP

2) Extract it and browse to DBINDEP and the folder of your respective database platform.

In my case, I’m using Linux with HDB as target DB. Hence, I’ll navigate to below 2 directories:



b) HDB:


3) In DBINDEP and HDB, you’ll see few SAPEXE, SAPEXEDB and others *.SAR archives, which likely not up to the latest after SAP released the kernel DVD.  Hence, we can compile up-to-date SAPEXE.SAR with latest Kernel and binaries download from SMP in order to eliminate all possible error during system copy/import.

4) Download the latest Kernel and related new binaries for your respective platform from SMP (eg: SAPEXE, SAPEXEDB, dw, tp, R3*, lib_dbsl and etc)

I’ve downloaded below and group them as DBINDEP and HDB in sequence (Kernel = 740 Unicode):










5) Create a temp directory for extraction. Follow the sequence below. (*sequence is important to ensure new binaries are not overwritten by old binaries)

a) Extract SAPEXE.SAR from Kernel DVD to temp directory. In kernel DVD, run SAPCAR to extract source SAPEXE.DB to temp directory created.

# mkdir SAPEXE_up2date

# mkdir SAPEXEDB_up2date

SAP_Kernel_7.40_Linux_x86_64_64bit_/DATA_UNITS/K_740_U_LINUX_X86_64/DBINDEP/# SAPCAR -xvf SAPEXE.SAR -R /Media/740_Kernel/SAPEXE_up2date

b) Next, by following the sequence, extract SAPEXE_37-20009900.SAR, dw_40-20009900.sar and R3trans_39-20009900.SAR to the temp directory:

i) SAPCAR -xvf SAPEXE_37-20009900.SAR -R /Media/740_Kernel/SAPEXE_up2date/

(ii) SAPCAR -xvf dw_40-20009900.sar -R /Media/740_Kernel/SAPEXE_up2date/

(iii) SAPCAR -xvf R3trans_39-20009900.SAR -R /Media/740_Kernel/SAPEXE_up2date/

c) Now, you’ll have the up to date DBINDEP kernel and executable. What we need to do next is compressed them into .SAR archive and replace it with the old SAPEXE.SAR in Kernel DVD.

i) In temp directory, SAPEXE_up2date, execute below:

/Media/740_Kernel/SAPEXE_up2date># SAPCAR -cvf SAPEXE.SAR *

ii) You’ll see a SAPEXE.SAR created upon completion, with the size definitely larger than the source SAPEXE.SAR in Kernel DVD.

Size comparison:

SAPEXE.SAR with latest kernel and binaries: 308941812

Source SAPEXE.SAR on the Kernel DVD: 284719418

iii) Now, go to Kernel DVD and backup the source SAPEXE.SAR.

/Media/51046228_2_KernelDVD/SAP_Kernel_7.40_Linux_x86_64_64bit_/DATA_UNITS/K_740_U_LINUX_X86_64/DBINDEP # mv SAPEXE.SAR SAPEXE.SAR.ORI

iv) Move up to date SAPEXE.SAR created to the Kernel DVD.

/Media/740_Kernel/SAPEXE_up2date # cp -pr SAPEXE.SAR /Media/51046228_2_KernelDVD/SAP_Kernel_7.40_Linux_x86_64_64bit_/DATA_UNITS/K_740_U_LINUX_X86_64/DBINDEP

d) Run below to verify the latest SAPEXE.SAR complete without error.


e) Perform the same for SAPEXEDB.EXE and yes, your SWPM will run with latest and up-to-date kernels and binaries.



# SAPCAR -xvf SAPEXEDB.SAR -R /Media/740_Kernel/SAPEXEDB_up2date


ii) go to the directory of where latest HDB binaries were downloaded to, and extract them to the temp directory.



i) #SAPCAR -xvf SAPEXEDB_37-20009916.SAR -R /Media/740_Kernel/SAPEXEDB_up2date

(ii) #SAPCAR -xvf lib_dbsl_38-20009916.sar -R /Media/740_Kernel/SAPEXEDB_up2date

(iii) #SAPCAR -xvf R3load_41-20009916.SAR -R /Media/740_Kernel/SAPEXEDB_up2date

(iv) #SAPCAR -xvf R3ldctl_42-20009916.SAR -R /Media/740_Kernel/SAPEXEDB_up2date




Move and replace the updated SAPEXEDB.SAR to the Kernel DVD.

Launch SWPM and latest version of R3load, R3ldctl and other binaries are used for installation and import without the necessary to stop software provisioning manager after the installation of the SAP kernel and then to update R3load and etc* by hand anymore.


1826587 – SAP NetWeaver installation using SWPM 1.0:exchange R3load

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