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How to create BEx transport Request

Purpose: Procedure for creating Bex transport

Bex Transport is used for transporting Bex objects using standard transport and Individual Package.

This Request is used for queries, workbook and web application objects. If you have Bex transport then you need not collect Bex objects individually.

Important thing is that all the modification to Bex objects are collected into this request for all the users. It is not user specific.

Steps to create Bex Transport using Standard Transport.

1)      Go To RSA1 -> Transport Connection


2) Click on  /wp-content/uploads/2013/11/bex2_323761.jpg


3)To create request click on Assign/Delete


4)Create new request which your Bex standard transport request


A new request has to be created immediately after you release a BEx transport request. For this reason, either an administrator or project coordinator must create the requests centrally.

5) To see created request click on /wp-content/uploads/2013/11/bex6_323771.jpg or se10

6) Select the task you want to release then the request.

Bex Transport using Individual package.

Depend on your project requirement you should be decide to this package option.

There are possible reasons for this

1)      Your project is large and you want to divide Bex objects in different areas.

2)      You want to send Bex objects to different production systems.

Note: If a package has no specific request, the object is written to the standard BEx transport request.  Like below screen.


Steps to create Bex Transport using Individual package.

1)      Go to RSA1 -> Transport Connection


2)Click on  /wp-content/uploads/2013/11/bex2_323761.jpg

3) Click on /wp-content/uploads/2013/11/bex9_0_323776.jpg present in Bex transport requests for single packages.


4) Mention development class for your project(Package) for Example ZBW.

5) Here you will create request for this package.


In this way you can create multiple packages and requests for them.

You can edit request for these packages also using edit.

Hopes it will Help.

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