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Tip n°4: how to make coding fast and easy


When developing on the ABAP stack you can use “Ctrl+Space” to invoke the automatic code completion feature that will list every method of a class, every field of a structure, or every local variable name in your program, etc. corresponding to your current edit position:

CodeCompletion.pngThen if you hit “Shift+Tab” a pattern will be inserted. This pattern can be personalized per user: start transaction code SE37 and execute function module SRCC_CALL_TEMPLATE_MAINTENANCE to launch the template maintenance application.

To get more information

ABAP OO Tutorial Part 5 of 5

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  • Good piece of info.I'll definitely try out the template maintenance.

    Do you know from which version of ABAP code completion is available? Or is there any way you can disable code completion or enable it if its already not?