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Three things to know when migrating SAP BW on SAP HANA

Three things to know when migrating to SAP BW on HANA

to ensure a smooth migration of the existing SAP BW System from Release 7.0 (including SEM, BPC and IP) and onwards the following three topics must be considered.

  1. shrink the data which will be moved to the row store of the SAP HANA database with the SAP BW housekeeping task lists
  2. shrink the data which will be moved to the column store of the SAP HANA database with the SAP-NLS Solution
  3. use the database migration option (DMO) as part of the SUM tool for the in-place migration including upgrade/migration/unicode* steps, see the Blog from the DMO Product Management.
    please note that all nZx technologies available for SUM natively only, so they are not available with the DMO option for SAP BW due to the difference between an Upgrade and a Migration.


The on Premise use case – minimized production downtime with the combination BW-PCA and DMO


The HEC use case – moving BW on Premise to the HANA enterprice cloud with the combination BW-PCA and DMO


further Information can also bve found in the following Documents (each of them is an own blog itself)

 SAP First Guidance Collection – BW on HANA

Also the new SEM Add-On modeling on top of the NetWeaver BW System allows a much quicker creation of the needed stack.xml for the DMO procedure.

Good News – Easier Modeling of the SEM Add-On in Solution Manager

ℹ See the Article in the German DSAG Magazine Blaupause –


Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics

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  • Hi ,

    we use the dmo tool to upgrade our bw (7.31) to bw(7.40 SPS5) HANA.
    Now we have some trouble with transaction : RSMIGRHANADB 

    we receive the same error for different cubes .
    column store error:  [2575] flatten scenario failed;keyfigure not found in dest fact table: KEY_DMPPFC019

    What can be the problem ?


      • Hi Roland ,

        after implementation of all the notes from the excel sheet "SAP Notes for BW on HANA 7.40". I have now an error in CL_SHDBPARTSPEC rv_num is a Integer and the <lv_arg> is a String ....

        I doesn't found any new note for this problem for 7.40 SPS5


        • Hi,

          As already started in the Document - you cannot apply the SAP Notes related to the program RDSU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY like Notes 1953984, 1892492, 1888511 on NetWeaver 7.40 SP05.

          The affected class is CL_SHDB_PARTSPEC.

          I recommend to Reset the affected SAP Notes Implementation.


          In the Meantime (since 28th of January) it should be possible now to apply Notes 1888511 and 1953493.

          Best Regards Roland

  • Hi Roland,

    why the housekeeping task lists are useful only for row store and SAP-NLS only for column store?

    SAP-NLS involve "less accessed" data, I don't understand why, if I migrate to Hana, this "less accessed" data are only in column store.

    Thank you in advance



  • Hi Roland:

    In your SAP Presentation "Migration to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse on SAP HANA – Best Practice Update 2014" I saw that DMO can be used to:

    1) Upgrade BW

    2) Migrate BW from Any Database to HANA

    3) Move BW on Premise to HANA Enterprise Cloud

    in a single step  (slide 14 of the file).

    For this option the process is move the CI from the On premise data center to the cloud and then run DMO from that instance.

    We are interested on that option but I have not been able to see more information on it.

    Do you know where I can get more information on this option?, Do you have any comments/suggestions on it?


    Luis Carranza

    • Hi Luis,

      Have you got any information on this ? we are also looking for the same option "moving BW on Premise to the HANA Enterprise Cloud"

      Can you advise what's the approach you have implemented and how we've handled the delta queues using BW PCA?




  • Hello Roland,

    I had a quick view into your NLS document, but it just looks like a technical installation guide?!

    Currently, I'm looking for a solution of query performance issue when selecting really "big data" from NLS and using navigational attributes...

    I don't know if you've seen my recent post?

    I'm quite frustrated about the note and I'm really in doubt if NLS is a good concept, at all?

    Of course, if the plans are only to shrinkt the DB size, then it matches the requirements, but if you plan to use it for reporting... then I only can say "forget about it" 🙁

    (It's clear that it can't compete with BIA, but in my case the report is literally dead!)

    Any feedback appreciated (especially in my posting).

    Thanks for reading,


  • Hi Roland,

    I do Understand the use of PCA and so far have use DMO of SUM for SoH migrations but yet to perform a BW on HANA migration with DMO

    Is it  "mandatory" to use PCA when using DMO of SUM for BW on HANA migrations ?

    The whole point is to save cost on LVM license of course with added risk/effort.

    Please Advice.



      • Thanks Roland. That was my understanding as well.

        Just got a little confused after reading the below comment in HA200  training material -

        • For SAP NetWeaver BW, DMO can be applied when PCA (Post Copy

        Automation) is used.

        Thanks for the confirmation and this amazing blog.