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I saw many Times people faced the problems while collecting the Transport objects Due to following reasons.

1) Some objects are locked due modification done by multiple persons

2) Some projects have there own Bex transport that means for each BEx query or workbook modification it will sit in particular transport only

While collecting the Objects or single query system will tell us the Warning message


If we are ignoring this and send the transport request as it to Qa it will give the error code8.

So we need to collect all dependant objects while sensing the request to next system.

Here are the steps to unlock objects

Copy request number from warning message and go to TCode -> SE03


Open Requests/Task folder and double click on Unlock Objects (Expert Tool)


Put your request number and click on execute button.


Click on Unlock it will unlock all objects from this request. Now you can delete required objects from this request in SE01.For Bex Transport usually delete all the objects because it’s difficult to identify objects of which query.

Check in SE01

Before Unlock


After Unlock


Select rows and click on delete button. After this you can collect the Objects in your request.

Remember that while collecting the objects you should get green icon @ screen


Hopes it will help you.

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    1. Ganesh Bothe Post author

      Yes Matthew I am agree with you ,while woking with SE03 and deleting objects we should be careful.

      I am not aware about mentioned document, today I read some bogs and discussion so i thought to share this information.Thanks for updating I will take care in future.

    2. Arunan C

      Hello Matthew,


      It is an old entry but your comment made me think. When the Transport is not ours, we definitely can’t delete it. We must discuss with author and decide on best course. Can you please elaborate a little on ‘screwing the system up’ comment?

      1. Matthew Billingham

        If you use SE03 in an indiscriminate manner, and delete some items from transports, then when you import that transport, you can end up with inconsistencies. These can range from syntax errors to (with some objects), to objects actually becoming corrupted, necessitating aid from SAP to fix.

  1. Prasad Deshpande

    Good Document and thanks for sharing.


    Object deletion is a dangerous task as it may screwed up the concern transport and eventually lead to system issue as well. 


    as a precaution before deletion, we may take a backup of said TR which may reduce the possible impact.

  2. Aparajit Banik

    Hi Ganesh ,


    I need an information here. But first of all thanks for sharing this doc.
    I have a TR where i have multiple objects (say).  OBJ1, OBJ2, OBJ3
    Now i want obj3 to be removed from this TR so I need to unlock the TR right?
    Now once i unlock and remove the OBJ3  will it impact the other two objects present in the TR . after removing  the OBJ3 what then we need to do so that the TR becomes consistent for transport.


    Many thanks

    1. Ganesh Bothe Post author


      Thanks for your feedback.

      If its new infoobjects in single transport request and you want to remove one infoobject form your transport then you can unlock the request and delete that one infoobject if its independant object then it will not impact to your TR and then collect that object in new transport request.



      Ganesh Bothe

      1. Aparajit Banik

        Hi Ganesh,


        Thanks for reply ,
        I could carry out all the steps and now I could successfully remove the object which by mistake i inserted into another TR. I have removed the object by the said method and its okay now as i could collect it another TR. well its not in BI must tell you. I am in ECC where the view i created for a custom DS i saved it in the TR where i have collected the changes i made earlier to the standard LO datasource..



  3. Edi Erwan

    Hi SAP BI,


    What you suppose to do, you expand the transport reuest, if you taking about infobject, than you can see from the child TR the object name, you can delete from SE10 at your TR no.

  4. kanchi pahuja

    Thanks alot, it was of great help. I wanted to delete 500 locked objects from transport reequest, and this knowledge helped me to do that in seconds.


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