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How to Unlock Objects from Transport Request

I saw many Times people faced the problems while collecting the Transport objects Due to following reasons.

1) Some objects are locked due modification done by multiple persons

2) Some projects have there own Bex transport that means for each BEx query or workbook modification it will sit in particular transport only

While collecting the Objects or single query system will tell us the Warning message


If we are ignoring this and send the transport request as it to Qa it will give the error code8.

So we need to collect all dependant objects while sensing the request to next system.

Here are the steps to unlock objects

Copy request number from warning message and go to TCode -> SE03


Open Requests/Task folder and double click on Unlock Objects (Expert Tool)


Put your request number and click on execute button.


Click on Unlock it will unlock all objects from this request. Now you can delete required objects from this request in SE01.For Bex Transport usually delete all the objects because it’s difficult to identify objects of which query.

Check in SE01

Before Unlock


After Unlock


Select rows and click on delete button. After this you can collect the Objects in your request.

Remember that while collecting the objects you should get green icon @ screen


Hopes it will help you.

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