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Some time we faced this issue, All the newly created object Like DSO, Info Object, Info Cube etc. are by default are going to $TMP package.

Even we have already a “Z” package in SAB BI.

So if we Perform a small setting in BI RSA1 T code then we can solve this problem.

Go to RSA1 and click on BI Content Tab.

Now in BI Content tab go to tool Menu, Click on Edit > Transport > Switch off Standard Setting.

Know more about Switch On and Off Standard Setting.

Switch On Standard – If we use this option then after all the development  and changes a pop will come at a time to save development in a new request. 

Switch off Standard – If we use this setting then all the objects will by default save on the $TMP Local package. Then we need to collect all objects in Transport Connection > Click on Object type Folder then Collect required object and Give “Z” then transport.

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  1. Suman Chakravarthy K

    Hi Satendra,

    This is definitely good one. But have you seen My blog on “How to manage error free Transports”. I have clearly mentioned about your concept in that already.



          1. Suman Chakravarthy K


            Ok this tool might not have detected my Blog when you checked. But you know that is already available and you commented on it. Why again need to be posted? It is up to you.

  2. Krishan Kumar

    Dear Satendra,

    Thanks for such type of useful article.

    I have a query.

    Whether “Switch-On Standard” setting would affect only a single “DSO/Info Object or Cube” or it is the general setting (which we have to do once” and then it would be applicable for all newly created DSO/Info Object or Cube.

    Please suggest on the same.

    Warm Regards


    1. CH Raman

      Hi, Krishan,

      It applies to whole system not specific to objects.

      When we use switch on standard then for every change it prompt transport request.


      1. Krishan Kumar

        Hi Ramanjaneyulu,


        I have checked in DW development system (RSA1), the switch is already “ON”, still objects are getting stored as “TMP” (we are not getting any transport popup).

        Please suggest on this.

        Warm Regards


            1. CH Raman

              Above settings are belongs to transport request prompt (pop up) only.

              Not to package. While saving into transport, we need to change package and save the changes to new transport request.


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