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WebI to WebI Open Document in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0

Open Doc (Hyperlink) from WebI- WebI (4.0) i.e., Mother WebI Report to Child WebI Report

Note: This document gives the step by step process, to open the child report based on the prompts passed from the Mother Report.

Data Source: Southeast Sales Universe

Step 1: Create a Mother Report (Parent Report). Here Region, City and Net Sales are result objects as shown below.


Step 2: Create a Child Report having parameter. Here Region is the parameter from mother to child report

Note: Here R is the Parameter text.


    The below screen gives the Child Report.


Step 3: Copy the URL from child report.

Go to Documents –> Right-click on the Child Report –> Document link



Step 4: Go to Mother report, Right-click on the object Region –> Linking –>Add Hyperlink as shown below.


Step 5: Paste the Child report Document link


Step6: Here Region is the parameter, so add &lsSR along with the document link and Parse

           ( As It is a single parameter so &lsSR=([Region] in the below link)

   Where lsS is single value and R is parameter text of child report prompt and Region is the Dimension


Step 7: Select the object as Region as shown in the below screen.


Step 8: select the Target window.


Step 9: As the Region will be highlighted with the link as shown in below screen.

Now select the Region from Mother Report that will open the child report.

Step 10: Here I have selected the Region EEMEA in the Mother report, The child report as to get the data for the same prompt.


The below screen Shows the Child Report:


Hope this documents helps,

Thanks & Regards,


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