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Open Doc (Hyperlink) from WebI- WebI (4.0) i.e., Mother WebI Report to Child WebI Report

Note: This document gives the step by step process, to open the child report based on the prompts passed from the Mother Report.

Data Source: Southeast Sales Universe

Step 1: Create a Mother Report (Parent Report). Here Region, City and Net Sales are result objects as shown below.


Step 2: Create a Child Report having parameter. Here Region is the parameter from mother to child report

Note: Here R is the Parameter text.


    The below screen gives the Child Report.


Step 3: Copy the URL from child report.

Go to Documents –> Right-click on the Child Report –> Document link



Step 4: Go to Mother report, Right-click on the object Region –> Linking –>Add Hyperlink as shown below.


Step 5: Paste the Child report Document link


Step6: Here Region is the parameter, so add &lsSR along with the document link and Parse

           ( As It is a single parameter so &lsSR=([Region] in the below link)

   Where lsS is single value and R is parameter text of child report prompt and Region is the Dimension


Step 7: Select the object as Region as shown in the below screen.


Step 8: select the Target window.


Step 9: As the Region will be highlighted with the link as shown in below screen.

Now select the Region from Mother Report that will open the child report.

Step 10: Here I have selected the Region EEMEA in the Mother report, The child report as to get the data for the same prompt.


The below screen Shows the Child Report:


Hope this documents helps,

Thanks & Regards,


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    1. Former Member Post author

      Yeah Gaurav, R is the parameter text, By default the parameter text will be like Enter Region: But I have changed it to R for the Convenience.. Please find the screen shot for your reference.

      Please let me know if you need for clarification.


  1. Former Member

    Thanks for sharing. I have tried the same but its not working. Please help to resolve this issue.

    I have created Level1 report and its showing Store name,State,City,Sales Revenue.

    For above created one chart in the same report and done “Element Link” for State & City.

    Created Level2 Report and set the store name as prompt and just execute the report by giving prompt value “Store name” as “e-Fashion Austin” and save the report and copied the document link.

    After that adding hyperlink for “Store name” column in the Level1 report and done the steps given in the blog. After click the hyperlink my Level2 report showing the details for store name as “e-Fashion Austin” but in my level1 report, clicked the store name as “e-Fashion Austin”.

    I have noticed that level2 report is showing the details according the prompt which i selected while creating a report.

    And its working fine with doucment link option.

    Also plz anybody can explain abt “Use complete URL path to create hyperlink”?? in Document Link. I tired this option by giving document link in the url but i didnt find any difference with this option enabled or disabled 🙁

  2. Lakshminarasimhan N

    Hi, you have used “open document” or “Hyperlink” to connect the parent and child report. Same can be easily achieved via “Document linking”? Is there any reason to choose “Hyperlink” rather than “Document linking”?


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