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When creating OSS messages, a lot of people have no clue on which component to use. So they just choose a common component such as BC-ABA, FI-GL or just randomly choose one component. This will cause the message processing to be delayed. Here I would like to share how to find out the correct component.

In general SAP distinguishes components according to its products. If it is R/3 then the component is distinguished according to package/programs. Below are some examples. The rule is to find out the corresponding package.

1. If you have the program name.

Go to SE38-> find out the package of the program -> double click on the package name



2. If you have the transaction name

Goto transaction SE93 -> display the transaction -> double click on the package name


3. If you have the function module name.

     Goto transaction SE37 -> display the FM -> goto Attributes tab-> double click on the package name


4.  As shown in the above 3 examples, no matter it is Table(SE11), Business object (SWO1) , or BADI (SE18), try to find the attributes of the object and you will find package, then application component.

5. Service market place  

1). Regarding on how to open system connections (R/3, WTS, HTTP…) and issues regarding the connections.

Component: XX-SER-NET-HTL

2). Regarding S users on service market place.


authorization: XX-SER-SAPSMP-ACC

6. Others

If the product is not SAP R/3 and you have no idea which component should be used, just give a call to the hotlines listed in SAP note 560499 (Global Support Customer Interaction: Telephone/fax/e-mail) and they will help you to find out the proper component.

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  1. Sascha Wenninger

    Hi Kelly,


    Thank you for sharing this so clearly. Just last week I heard from an ex-SAP employee that assigning the correct package really does make a difference in getting a customer message into the right team’s inbox, so this is definitely worth remembering. Thanks again!



  2. Former Member

    One Tips for SAP internal user, when you confused which component should be used, you can also access below link to find out whom/which department is the right to contact with. E.g. which kind of issue should create CSS ticket, for which kind of issue you need to create IT ticket. Neither are maintained, then you can mail to the system owner to get more useful information you need.


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