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Sourcing/CLM Roadmap Planning

A message from Sourcing/CLM Product Management regarding our On-Premise release roadmap.

1.  Release 10.0 of SAP Sourcing/CLM is in the final stages of development and is scheduled to go into ramp-up in Q2 2014 with an anticipated General Availability in Q4 2014.

     a.  Release 10.0 end of maintenance is anticipated to be December 2018 2019.

2.  We are currently working with an 18-24 month release cycle and product management has started planning for Release 11.0 with its anticipated ramp up in 2016.

     a. Continuing with that plan, it is anticipated that Release 12.0 will go into ramp-up sometime in 2018.

     b. We will soon be surveying our customer base to establish the priority for customer driven enhancements.

     c. Please contact me if you would like to participate in the survey.

3.  SAP is committed to continued innovation in SAP Sourcing/CLM and the release cadence above demonstrates that.

Anne McClelland

Amish Shah
Ed Dunne
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  • Hi Anne,

        Alot of rumours are floating in market regarding SAP Sourcing and CLM
    post ARIBA acquisition. Just wanted to check whether SAP is serious about
    Sourcing/CLM, many clients planning for 2020 vision, they would like to know
    long term SAP Strategy. Please  let us
    know if you have any information available at this front.



    • Hello Satish

      I hope that my post answers your question. 

      • Release 10.0 anticipated Generally Available end of 2014
      • Release 11 .0 anticipated Generally Available by the end of 2016
      • Release 12.0 - anticipated to be GA 18 to 24 months after that (2018)
      • etc.,  generally speaking you should expect new releases every 18 to 24 months.

      SAP Sourcing/CLM is part of the long term strategy.  We will be continuing to provide new releases that contain innovations and customer driven enhancements every 18 to 24 months.  I hope that clears up any confusion.

      Regards, Anne

  • Hi Anne,

    as the current version of SAP Sourcing is only supported with DB2 or Oracle DB, is it planned that release 10 also supports other database products (HANA, MS SQL, Sybase ASE, ...)?



    • Hi Timo

      Release 10 will continue supporting only DB2, and Oracle for databases. Support for HANA will be considered for future releases.

      Please let me know if there are further questions.



      • Hi Amish

        Please advise whether SAP Sourcing/CLM on MS SQL is planned for a future release?

        Also advise whether SAP Sourcing/CLM is planned as a future ECC add-on?

        Thank you


        • Hi Mario,

          We have no plans at this time to support MS SQL.  We do plan on supporting HANA in a future release.

          Also, at this time, we do not plan to make SAP Sourcing/CLM an ECC add-on - for now, it will remain as a separate Java application.



  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the planned dates for new releases. Do you have a features roadmap available as well? So what are features your team is building in each of these future versions?


    • Hello Shehryar

      In the near future we will be posting blogs describing the contents of Release 10.0.  With regards to post 10.0, the contents of Release 11 are still being finalized.

      Thanks for the question.

  • Hi,

    Good information in this discussion. Are there official documents on the CLM On Premise roadmap with this info which can be shared with customers?


    Richard Dingemans

    • Hello Richard

      Sorry for the delay in reply.  I have been out of the office.  Can you clarify what you are looking for?

      Our release roadmap has not changed from the information I posted above.

      If you are looking for the contents/features planned for our next release I don't have that yet.  We are currently evaluating the results of our recent survey among other factors and hope to have a release 11 plan soon.

  • Hello Anne,

    I have two questions about CLM 11.0:

    * Is the road map still the same? CLM 11.0 GA by the end of 2016?

    * Will CLM 11.0 be supported by HANA?


    • Hello

      Release 11 GA timing is still TBD but I can tell you that it has pushed to the middle of 2017.

      HANA is not part of release 11 but it is a strong/likely candidate for release 12.

      If you need more detailed information on the contents of release 11 please email me at




        Release 11 is now planned to go into ramp up in the middle of 2017.  HANA and S/4 integration is now included as part of the plan.  If you would like more details please email me at


          I'm customer solution manager of SAP. I have introduce this two solution to the customer, and the customer like them very much, especially CLM for legal department, and some technical department ask whether CLM can be used for technical RFP also

          And when come to commercial phase of the deal customer often give up by Hana compatibility problem these two years. And they also have strong requirement include CLM as S/4HANA add on.

          And also most customer also need CLM at sales side, and prefer CLM as central contract management platform for all contract like sales contracts, purchase contracts, consulting contracts, audit contracts, etc. And I can imagine including CLM as S/4HANa addon can boost CLM sales greate much.

          For sourcing usually involved visiting from outside of enterprise network by supplier. No requirement of addon found from my experience.

          Could you Guys consider the suggestion seriaously?


            Hello Frank

            Release 11 expected to be GA by end of year and it will support HANA and S/4 Integration.

            We do have some customers using CLM as a contract repository but perhaps you can email me with further questions or clarifications.  I can send you the roadmap as well.

            Anne McClelland