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Author's profile photo Andy Silvey

SAP Architecture Focus blogazine – November 2013

Goooooooooooooooooooood Morning Vietnam Goooooooooooooooooooooood Evening SAP Architects,

as we all know SCN now has a Category for NetWeaver Architecture, a container for everything NetWeaver

Architecture related.

We also know that across the SCN, across all of the vertical areas there are people engaging and contributing

a wealth of content which can be very interesting and very useful for SAP Architects.

This blog will become a monthly delivery, of a selection of the previous months most interesting SCN blogs

for SAP Architects.

Yesterday evening I went through 100 pages of SCN’s latest blogs to compile this list, at about 20 blogs per page,

that’s around 2000 blogs, and from that lot I picked out the 36 blogs in the list below.

We are a community and this blog is a container for the last month’s interesting blogs, and with this in mind, if

anybody thinks there’s an interesting blog missing from the list, then feel welcomed to add it in the comments


The last 6 weeks have been a celebration of SAP, there have been two Techeds and all of the blogging that

those two events generate.

We have a wealth of information on upcoming technologies including but not all, Hana, Fiori, Screen Personas,

Cloud, SAP River, to name but a few.

Something which is interesting statistically, from around 2000 blogs I narrowed down to 36 which are strategically

interesting for Architects.

Even of these 36, most of them are vertical technology related !

It still surprises me, that there is a mountain of content being produced and published on SCN every month

about the vertical technologies and how to do this and how to do that, but there is a very small amount of

content being published on how to glue everything together and why, the strategies and thoughts and

arguments which SAP Architects need to think about when making decisions for their companies and their

SAP Landscapes.

The message then is this, we need more SAP Architecture Blogs and Documents, we need more SAP Architects,

contributing, writing about the solutions they are designing and implementing and why they made certain

decisions, what the pressures were, from the business, financial, time, etc, how they handle robustness,

future proofing and scalability, this is the kind of content we are missing from SCN.

So here they are, from the beginning of October to the 11th of November, SCN’s most interesting blogs

for SAP Architects, enjoy:

Author Author Bio Blog Link Alexander Flagg Cloud Solution Integration
Mani Muthu Tips For Reducing AWS Hosting Charges Idos Hamgar Considerations for Designing and Executing Coud Strategy Sven Denecken Cloud Myth Busting – Running Mission Critical Systems In The Cloud Is Not Secure Yariv Zur On Premise, Managed, Or Cloud, Comparing Different Portal Deployment Strategies
Marty McCormick Hana Enterprise Cloud OnBoarding Migration Services V Choudhary Multitenancy In The Cloud The Power Perks And Pitfalls
Ben Aflalo Smartphones Sites In Hana Cloud Portal Ifat Shwartz My Head And My Apps Are In The Cloud – Portal Team Teched Amsterdam Thomas Hensel Portal SAP Teched Amsterdam Impressions – Day 3 (with links to days 1 & 2) Aviad Rivlin Extending NetWeaver Portal With Mobile Aviad Rivlin SAP NetWeaver Portal Mobile Edition Overview
Monika Kaiser NetWeaver Teched Derek Klobucher Top 5 Blog Posts On SAP Business Trends November 4th to 8th Derek Klobucher Top 5 Blog Posts On SAP Business Trends Oct 28th to Nov 1st Tal Shnaiderman SAP NetWeaver MDM And SAP Lumira An SAP Combination For Master Data Analytics John Harrison Resilience Enterprise Asset Management Christoph Schleibaum Improving Business Continuity With SAP Enterprise Support Peter Spielvogel SAP Screen Personas Teched Amsterdam Lindsay Stranger Were The Fiori Apps Designed To Be Extended Graham Robinson What Is SAP Fiori Tim Clark Ferrero Germany Using The Latest SAP Releases Tim Clark SAP Technology Strategy Addresses New Challenges For CIO’s Kathrin Winkmann SAP Hana Tailored Data Center Integration For Enterprise Storage Boris Zarske Best Practice Guide For Classical Migration To SAP Hana Simone Caneparo Tips On Extraordinary Change Management and Backup Strategies
Gangadharayya Virupakshayyahiremat SAP IS Retail Solution
James Pearce ERP For What It Is And Why Now Owen Pettiford Will SAP River Lead To An Ocean Of Productivity Jansirani Murugesan Make Your SAP System Landscape More Secure With Solution Manager Andy Greig Lower Risk, Reduce Cost, And Boost Efficiency Through Adequate Testing Johanna Kaperi The Future Of Customer Service And Contact Centers Thomas Saueressig Mobile At SAP, Insights Into A Mobilized Enterprise Dieter Krieger SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualisation Management 2.0 Is Generally Available
Jade Vachon SAP Rapid Prototyping Improves Company Agility Goran Condric New Failover Clustering Improvements In Windows Server 2012 And Its Benefits For NetWeaver Chris Kernaghan An Open Letter To SAP Regarding DevOps And Administrator Enablement

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      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt

      I'm reading this with mild amusement and nostalgia.

      When we created the Business Process Expert Community back in 2006 my job was quite focused in proliferating contents by.....wait for it.....Enterprise and Business Architects themed around contents that discussed business process, strategy, architecture, and design.

      Perhaps we can think of smart ways of tagging present content to make it more visible to the audience you wish to serve.

      Author's profile photo Andy Silvey
      Andy Silvey
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Marilyn,

      as ever you are indeed correct, spot on.

      The challenge is precisely as you say, there is content being contributed all the time all over SCN, which is interesting for SAP Architects, and how to get that content visible in the NetWeaver Architecture Category page ?

      Apart from a monthly highlight of the latest content interesting for SAP Architects ?

      Thank you as ever for everything, best regards,


      Author's profile photo Thomas Saueressig
      Thomas Saueressig

      thanks for mentioning! My blog post series will continue end of the week.

      Author's profile photo Andy Silvey
      Andy Silvey
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Thomas,

      looking forward to it, and especially, the one further down the list on securing access from the Internet, this is the contempory burning question.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Aviad Rivlin
      Aviad Rivlin

      WOW! Great blog Andy Silvey ! Looking forward for your monthly (or so) Architecture summary.


      Author's profile photo Andy Silvey
      Andy Silvey
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Aviad,

      thanks, yes, it will be monthly or so, it's been on my mind to do this, and finding a window to research and prepare it took me past the beginning of November, and what to do, wait for December or get on with it 🙂

      So, hopefully as close as possible to monthly, the feedback is motivating, it seems there are a few of us who like this content.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      This is awesome!! Thanks for initiating this Andy!

      Author's profile photo Andy Silvey
      Andy Silvey
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mariana,

      it's the content which makes it, October - early November and with two TechEds during the period was a very good month for material interesting to Architects.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Excellent!! the material is awesome!!

      Author's profile photo Andy Silvey
      Andy Silvey
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Elisandro,

      glad you like it, the December issue is here.