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Work it! Work it! Helping You Build Your Brand at #SAPTechEd

“Drink more water.”

“Get more sleep.”

“Call home more often.”

“Check your tire pressure.”


“Update your profile picture.”

We know we need to follow these advice, yet we put it off. At SAP TechEd in Las Vegas and Amsterdam (and also in Bangalore), we’ve made the task of updating your profile picture as simple as 1-2-3.


Over 1,200 members have visited our SCN Photo Booth at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas and Amersterdam already. If you were one of these proactive members, you would have met many of our SCN team members while getting your professional photos taken:  Jeanne Carboni, Krysten Gentile, Gali Kling Schneider, Marilyn Pratt, Audrey Stevenson, Laure Cetin, Oxana Noa Zubarev, Patrick Flanders, Nadine Ebert, Kuhan Milroy, Anitay Yuen, Gail Moody-Byrd, Jeffrey Mandl and me.

At SAP TechEd in Bangalore, be sure to get your photo taken at the SCN Photo Booth, and meet xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct), Aniruddha Khole Jeanne Carboni, and Marilyn Pratt. You’ll receive special instructions on how to access your photos at the booth. The “SCN is 10” Wall will also be nearby, so please take a moment out of your hectic schedule to review the photos and videos of SCN from this past decade!

SCN team.jpg

Why bother with a profile picture?

  • Build your brand – You’ve worked hard, and dutifully shared your knowledge on SCN. Your profile photo gives you that special presence and helps differentiate you from other SAP experts.
  • Personalize your engagement – No more ‘shadow’ profile pictures – you are a living, breathing person who has feelings, creativity, as well as the ability to learn and solve problems. When you share your comments, ask a question or post a blog, let others associate your contributions with an image of who you are.
  • Send the right message – When we see someone’s profile picture we immediately establish an expectation of the engagement we will have with this person. What expectation are you setting when you have a professional headshot of yourself?

In Amsterdam, who could forget our professional photographer, Monika Wrba? Her energy and attention to detail made sure you left with a picture-perfect masterpiece of yourself.

Here is some of the feedback we’ve received at the SCN Photo Booth:

“This is a great idea, and wonderful service for SCN members and TechEd attendees!”

“I’ve never had a professional photo taken before (usually, I’m on the other side of the lens) – this makes a huge difference for my image and presence on SCN!”

“It is truly an honoured for me to have a photograph taken by a professional.”

Take a look around SCN and see if you can spot members who have posted their professionally taken headshots on their profile page. Then, send them a Direct Message complimenting them on their lovely photos! 🙂 It would mean a lot to them.

Did you visit the SCN Photo Booth at SAP TechEd? What was your experience?

Did you miss out on the photo opportunity because you were in sessions or did not go to TechEd? Please add your comments as well and tell us who’s photo you like.

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  • Jason,

    I did visit the photo booth in Las Vegas, where I was assisted by Marilyn, and it was a great experience, very quick and painless. The photos were ready almost instantly. My photos turned out very well, and I happily updated my SCN profile photo. Thank you for offering this service at Tech Ed. I encourage everyone attending in Bangalore to take advantage of this opportunity.



  • Thank you for sharing the pictures and working so dillegently and tirelessly to help people post their profile pics.  I must admit that I am totally in awe of the photographer in Amsterdam.  She drew us all out in a playful, attentive and caring manner and got the best out of us all! (I swear she must have photoshopped my team picture in real-time, I look a decade younger 😉 ).  Thanks also for the quick turn around in posting the blog.  We are all rather dizzy after this event which many say was a real epic one for our company.  Glad I had the opportunity to join you all in this fun activity in the clubhouse.  Now on to Bangalore.

  • Last time when I attended teched I was not aware that SCN team is present in teched since I didn't went to each corner of the hall ( I was not that active in SCN too ). Really I was busy with the thrilling hands on workshops. But on the last day of teched I found the photo booth and took a pic and updated in my profile 🙂 .

    But this time I am not gonna miss SCN experience in Teched, Bangalore.

  • I would like say also thank you for offering this service. Great new professionell pictures were taken of me at the TechEd in AMS. I have already updated my profile pic with one of them.

    Regards, Dirk

  • Having a professional photo to use for you SCN profile pic makes it much easier to identify fellow community members at events: there were so many people I instantly recognized while walking the halls and show floor at SAP TechEd LV last month 🙂 .

  • Hi Jason,

    You and Krysten Bradley know I visited the photo session at TechEd LV.  As Gretchen says, it was quick and painless - but better than that, we had a minute or two to chat.  You folks were *so* busy, but patient and charming as always (it seems). 
    And a lot of people were coming up to me asking where to get their head shots, so I know this was really popular.  So many of us can do better than to hide behind some generic avatar!


    • Hi Sue, generic avatars are one of my biggest pet-peeves (even bigger than images of Hello Kitty and Snoopy - at least this tells me what members like 😛 ).

      Thanks for stopping by the Photo Booth and sending fellow members our way!

    • Hi Uwe, this is one of those cases of putting on the oxygen mask for others before first putting it on myself! I've corrected this now. Thanks for the reminder! 😉

  • Jason,

    thanks for chosing Monika for Amsterdam - her work and attitude were outstanding, you can see from the results that she was really into it.

    I also liked that she did more than one shot and the images were immediately available, a much improved process over last year!


  • Not only did I get a great new head shot (thanks Monika and the SCN Team members to make it all a very quick, simple and friendly process) but after hearing Jason Cao 's session on building your brand on SCN, I have become more aware of SCN which for me, until then was just another SAP site with more info. He put it nicely in perspective. Good work, team!

    • Hi Berend, thank you for attending my Expert Networking Session, and for demonstrating your leadership with real action (ie. posting your profile picture and building your brand). I'll be following your work. 🙂


  • I think it was a really great idea to offer the headshot booth at TechEd. I only heard positive feedback from the attendees I talked to and I love my new profile pic as well 😉

    • Thanks Juliane! Your contributions at SAP TechEd were prolific as seen by many in the leaderboard of the mobile event app! 🙂 I still missed out meeting you in person, unfortunately. Maybe next time.

      Nice profile picture!

  • Hi Jason,

    First of all, it was very nice to meet you in person. SCN team is such a lovely group, I always feel so comfortable with all of you. It was great to have the chance for some chat with Gali Kling Schneider, meet in person for the first time Audrey Stevenson and Oxana Noa Zubarev, and meet again dear  Jeanne Carboni, Marilyn Pratt and Gail Moody-Byrd.

    I liked so much the SCN Booth, meeting the team, getting the badges, the Photo Booth with Monika and the process of immediately sending the photos to the SCN account that I couldn't skip it during the interview for the SAP TechEd People video.

    Congratulations for the whole team for a great job and hope to meet you all again next year. SCN rocks!


    • Liked 100!

      Raquel, thanks for sharing your SAP TechEd experience with so many of our members who weren't able to attend. They got a glimpse of what you and other SAP Mentors go through at our annual gathering.


  • The many faces of Jason! Thanks for the reminder

    Also love the group shot, everyone looks so nice!

    What a great service to offer at TechEd.

    Excuse me now while bc it's time for me to work that profile picture!

  • Great pics, Jason! Your blog really helps us understand why it's so important to represent ourselves on SCN. Since the essence of our community efforts is to collaborate and engage, it's easier and more fun to do so when we feel that we know one another. And, of course, as you mention - building your brand is a fantastic benefit of being part of this community. It makes sense to use our profile pic to do that. I especially love the idea of direct messaging other members when we like their profile pic - that's like a random act of kindness...and a great way to start a conversation.

    • Thanks Vivek! We had a great time meeting SAP TechEd attendees and finding out a bit more about each person who came by to get their photos taken. My take-away: We have a great community, because the people are awesome! 😀

    • For sure Jitendra! I noticed you would be attending TechEd Bangalore, so I'm sure you'll be at the Photo Booth for professional headshots. Please share and post your photo soon!



  • Hi, I got my photo taken at TechEd LV - however, due to the time I had to spend waiting in the queue I had to run before I ever got to see or access the results. Would love to be able to see how they turned out. Is there some way to access them online?



    • Hi Chris,

      the photos should be send to you via SCN Direct Message. At least this was the procedure in Amsterdam. Aren't they in your SCN inbox?


      • Hi Uwe, nope no DM.

        It may have been my "fault" as I didn't/couldn't hang around after my photo was taken to do whatever was taking ages with the PCs after the photos were taken,

        One would have thought scanning the participant badge would have been enough to get the photos linked/DM'd but I guess not.