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Using Spot Instances with SAP HANA on AWS Cloud


Update: Nov 16, 2013: I was notified by the SAP CAL Product Owner that using AWS spot instances with SAP CAL software deployed on AWS would be a violation of SAP CAL Developer License Agreement. I have modified this blog to remove all references to SAP CAL. Full details are in my other blog:

Nov 10, 2013: Original Blog published.


AWS – Amazon Web Services

SAP CAL — SAP Cloud Appliance Library

I wrote a blog about using AWS Spot Instances when I took the openSAP class back in May-July 2013.


AWS console has improved since I wrote the above blog — some of the tasks that could only be performed using CLI (Command Line Interface) could now be performed using the console. Hence the need for this blog.

Step I: Create the SAP HANA Developer Edition Instance in AWS:

You may deploy the SAP HANA Developer Edition to AWS from this blog page:

You will see the Instance below (SAP HANA Server) in AWS.

11-10-2013 1-06-14 PM.jpg

EBS Volumes:

11-10-2013 1-26-27 PM.jpg

Step II: Create Images (AMI – Amazon Machine Image):

You may stop the HANA instance before taking the image to reduce your AWS charges.

11-10-2013 1-38-22 PM AMI.jpg

11-10-2013 1-47-14 PM Create Image.jpg

11-10-2013 1-51-22 PM Close.jpg

11-10-2013 2-02-59 PM Base Snapshots.jpg

Step III: Terminate the AWS HANA normal instance:

This will stop AWS from charging for the instances and associated EBS Volumes.

11-10-2013 3-11-14 PM AWS Terminated.jpg

Step IV: Create Spot Instances:

11-10-2013 3-22-26 PM Craete Spot.jpg

11-10-2013 3-30-57 PM spot size.jpg

11-10-2013 3-41-26 PM Spot price.jpg

11-10-2013 3-49-32 PM Review 1.jpg

11-10-2013 3-51-38 PM Review 2.jpg

You can create a new key pair, if you don’t have one already for the step below.

11-10-2013 3-57-30 PM Spot Keypair.jpg

11-10-2013 3-59-40 PM Spot Info.jpg

11-10-2013 4-03-16 PM spot fulfilled.jpg

11-10-2013 4-10-23 PM spot instance.jpg

Display EBS volumes and take a screenshot of the page and save it — this is needed later in Step VIII.

11-10-2013 4-18-30 PM snap ebs.jpg

11-10-2013 4-20-01 PM snap ebs 2.jpg

Step V: Allocate and Assign Elastic IP for the Spot Instances:

11-10-2013 4-28-58 PM EIP 2.jpg

11-10-2013 4-31-52 PM EIP Associate.jpg

11-10-2013 5-18-36 PM after EIP 2.jpg

[Could not fit all my Images into one blog. Continued in this blog:–part-ii]

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      Author's profile photo Raman Korrapati
      Raman Korrapati

      Useful one. Some pics are not visible. Please try to fix it from your end.

      Author's profile photo Mani Muthu
      Mani Muthu
      Blog Post Author

      Raman, Fixed the images by adding a continuation blog. Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Mani,

      very good blog, esp for us, end users. just out of curiosity, will you be providing the final check for the connection between the two AWS instances when they are brought back through the Amazon rather than CAL? for some reason, i'm not sure if the newly created key pairs (as you are describing them in step IV) guarantee a successful connection between the HANA server and client.

      thx again for writing this up.



      Author's profile photo Mani Muthu
      Mani Muthu
      Blog Post Author


      Thanks. It appears using spot instances with AWS Instances deployed through SAP CAL may be a violation of SAP CAL Developer License agreement. Full details are here:

      However, if you have any specific questions about how to connect to AWS spot instances -- created from HANA Dev Center ( -- from HANA studio on your PC or from HANA Studio deployed on another AWS instance, please send me a private message through SCN or openSAP. I may write another blog or update this blog with this info at a later date.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      What will be exact ( i mean near exact) savings if I create spot instance / normal instance and use it for 3 hour /week  ( in 2 intervals ) over one month period.

      assume using m3.medium  and r3.2xlarge.

      Is it worth to take trouble of Termination vs Suspend

      Thanks in Advance

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Well explained .... Great.

      Mani saved Money ....Perhaps adding all penny saved might be greater than million..

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Ohh.. I didn't notice the violation part ...Thanks for keeping us ethically right...