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Using Spot Instances with SAP HANA on AWS Cloud


Update: Nov 16, 2013: I was notified by the SAP CAL Product Owner that using AWS spot instances with SAP CAL software deployed on AWS would be a violation of SAP CAL Developer License Agreement. I have modified this blog to remove all references to SAP CAL. Full details are in my other blog:

Nov 10, 2013: Original Blog published.


AWS – Amazon Web Services

SAP CAL — SAP Cloud Appliance Library

I wrote a blog about using AWS Spot Instances when I took the openSAP class back in May-July 2013.


AWS console has improved since I wrote the above blog — some of the tasks that could only be performed using CLI (Command Line Interface) could now be performed using the console. Hence the need for this blog.

Step I: Create the SAP HANA Developer Edition Instance in AWS:

You may deploy the SAP HANA Developer Edition to AWS from this blog page:

You will see the Instance below (SAP HANA Server) in AWS.

11-10-2013 1-06-14 PM.jpg

EBS Volumes:

11-10-2013 1-26-27 PM.jpg

Step II: Create Images (AMI – Amazon Machine Image):

You may stop the HANA instance before taking the image to reduce your AWS charges.

11-10-2013 1-38-22 PM AMI.jpg

11-10-2013 1-47-14 PM Create Image.jpg

11-10-2013 1-51-22 PM Close.jpg

11-10-2013 2-02-59 PM Base Snapshots.jpg

Step III: Terminate the AWS HANA normal instance:

This will stop AWS from charging for the instances and associated EBS Volumes.

11-10-2013 3-11-14 PM AWS Terminated.jpg

Step IV: Create Spot Instances:

11-10-2013 3-22-26 PM Craete Spot.jpg

11-10-2013 3-30-57 PM spot size.jpg

11-10-2013 3-41-26 PM Spot price.jpg

11-10-2013 3-49-32 PM Review 1.jpg

11-10-2013 3-51-38 PM Review 2.jpg

You can create a new key pair, if you don’t have one already for the step below.

11-10-2013 3-57-30 PM Spot Keypair.jpg

11-10-2013 3-59-40 PM Spot Info.jpg

11-10-2013 4-03-16 PM spot fulfilled.jpg

11-10-2013 4-10-23 PM spot instance.jpg

Display EBS volumes and take a screenshot of the page and save it — this is needed later in Step VIII.

11-10-2013 4-18-30 PM snap ebs.jpg

11-10-2013 4-20-01 PM snap ebs 2.jpg

Step V: Allocate and Assign Elastic IP for the Spot Instances:

11-10-2013 4-28-58 PM EIP 2.jpg

11-10-2013 4-31-52 PM EIP Associate.jpg

11-10-2013 5-18-36 PM after EIP 2.jpg

[Could not fit all my Images into one blog. Continued in this blog:–part-ii]

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