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EDUCATION SAVE THE DATE: SAP NW Application Server Implementation and Operation I- II & SAP NetWeaver AS DB Operation ( Oracle) ACADEMY – CHILE

SAP Educación lo invita a participar en la siguiente ACADEMIA: SAP NW Application Server Implementation and Operation I- II  & SAP NetWeaver AS DB Operation ( Oracle)73.1

TADM10 -SAP NW Application Server Implementation and Operation I

Fecha: 18/11 al 29/11/2013 de 08:30 a 14:30hs


·         The Big Picture:

·         Outlining the SAP portfolio

·         Explaining the key capabilities of SAP NetWeaver

·         Describing SAP’s Release Strategy

·         Navigation:

·         Navigating in SAP Systems

·         Performing Advanced Navigation in the SAP GUI

·         Applying help options and personalize user interface

·         The System Core

·         Analyzing SAP NetWeaver AS system architecture

·         Explaining AS ABAP Request Processing

·         Explaining AS ABAP Transactional Processing

·         Explaining AS Java Processes for 7.30 EHP1

·         SAP Start and Stop Procedure

·         Describing the Process of the Start Procedure of an SAP system

·         Describing the General Start Process for an SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP

·         Starting and Stopping SAP Systems

·         Analyzing the AS ABAP Logs at a failed system start

·         Scheduling downtimes

·         Starting and Stopping an SAP NetWeaver AS Java

·         Evaluating Tools for Starting and Stopping

·         Operating Java Startup and Control Framework

·         Analyzing Logs of Start and Stop Process of SAP NetWeaver AS Java

·         SAP System Configuration – AS ABAP

·         Analyzing System Profile Parameters

·         Setting up Profile Parameters

·         Configuring Operation Modes

·         Basic Configuration – AS JAVA

·         Listing Administration Tools

·         Maintaining Basic Configuration of AS Java with the Config Tool

·         Configuring AS Java with SAP NetWeaver Administrator

·         Maintaining Properties of the Central Services

·         Software Development in SAP Systems

·         Outlining the Data Structure of an SAP ABAP System

·         Outlining Software Logistics in ABAP environment

·         Describing the most important ABAP Workbench tools

·         Implementing an ABAP program

·         Outlining SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure

·         Technology Components for Browser-Based User Dialogs

·         Describing Internet Scenarios with SAP Systems

·         Configuring the Internet Communication Manager (ICM)

·         Using the Internet Communication Framework (ICF)

·         Using the SAP Web Dispatcher

·         Fundamentals of User Administration – AS ABAP

·         Creating Users and User Groups

·         Maintaining Authorization Roles

·         Maintaining Login Parameters and User Info

·         Describing Advanced User Administration Topics

·         User and Authorization Administration – ASA JAVA

·         Configuring the User Management Engine (UME)

·         Maintaining Users and Groups

·         Managing Java Authorization

·         Administrating Special Principles

·         Configuring Logon Procedure of the AS Java

·         Communication and Integration Technologies

·         Remote Function Calls and BAPIs

·         Linking Cross-System Business Processes

·         Describing the Basics of Web Services

·         RFC Connections

·         Demonstrating the Fundamentals and Variants for Using RFC

·         Setting up Remote Connections

·         System Monitoring and Troubleshooting

·         Explaining the Monitoring Architecture

·         Monitoring SAP Systems

·         Monitoring Using the SAP Solution Manager

·         Utilizing Traces and Protocols

·         Developing a Troubleshooting Procedure

·         Monitoring – AS Java

·         Connecting to a Central Monitoring System

·         Configuring Availability Monitoring

·         Operating Log Viewer and Performing Log Configuration

·         Performing Monitoring Using SAP Solution Manager

·         Software Lifecycle Management

·         Outlining Application Lifecycle Management

·         Implementing and Installing SAP Systems

a       Maintaining SAP Systems


TADM12- SAP NW Application Server Implementation and Operation II

Fecha: 02/12 al 13/12/2013 de 08:30 a 14:30hs


·         Overview and architecture of SAP systems

·         Describing SAP systems overview

·         Describing technical architecture of SAP systems

·         Preparation for installation

·         Describing SAPinst

·         Generally preparing the installation

·         Preparing for installation on Windows

·         Preparing for installation on UNIX

·         Installation of SAP Solution Manager

·         Installing SAP Solution Manager

·         Installing an additional application server

·         Planning for installation

·         Planning an installation

·         Installation of SAP ECC (AS ABAP)

·         Installing SAP ECC

·         Installation of SAP XSS (AS Java)

·         Installing SAP XSS

·         Installing additional usage types

·         Post-installation activities

·         Describing post-installation steps

·         Completing the installation of SAP Enhancement Package 6 for SAP ER

·         Patching SAP systems

·         Setting up SAP license, online documentation, remote connection to

·         Initially configuring an AS ABAP based SAP system

·         Initially configuring an AS Java based SAP system

·         Installing standalone SAP gateway

·         Installation of SAP GUI

·         Installing SAP GUI for Windows and SAP GUI for Java

·         Installing SAP GUI installation server

·         Patching SAP Systems

·         Implementing SAP Notes and SAP Support Packages

·         Preparing for Software Maintenance

·         Operating the Support Package Manager (SPAM) and Software Update Ma

·         Applying SAP Support Packages

·         Outlining the Concept and Architecture of SAP Enhancement Packages

·         Output Management

·         Configuring Printers in AS ABAP

·         Managing Spool Requests

·         Defining the Printing Assistant for Landscapes (PAL)

·         Background Tasks Schedules

·         Learning the Fundamentals of Background Processing

·         Defining Time-based scheduled Jobs

·         Defining Event-based scheduled Jobs

·         Describing Further Topics of Background Processing

·         Scheduling Jobs with SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood

·         Outlining the Work Center Concept in SAP Solution Manager

·         Advanced System Configuration

·         Administrating Web Services in AS ABAP

·         Setting Up Communication with SAPconnect

·         Setting Up Communication with SMTP

·         Introducing the SAP NetWeaver Gateway

·         Introduction to SAP Software Logistics

·         SAP System Landscape

·         Client Concept

·         System and Client Change Options

·         Setting Up an SAP System Landscape

·         Setting Up the Transport Management System (TMS)

·         Extended Transport Control

·         Creating and Exporting Transport Requests

·         Customizing and Customizing Projects

·         Transport Requests for Customizing

·         Customizing Procedure

·         Transport Requests for Development

·         Customer Development

·         Modifying SAP Objects

·         Importing Transport Requests

·         The Transport Process

·         Imports Using TMS

·         QA Approval Procedure and Transport Proposals

·         Import Process

·         Monitoring Tools

·         Cleaning Up the Transport Directory

·         Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+)

·         Configuration of Change and Transport System For Transporting

·         Non-ABAP Objects

·         Transport of non-ABAP Objects

·         Client Tools

·         Client Copy and Client Transport Tools

·         Client Compare and Maintenance Tools

·         Advanced User Administration Topics

·         Implement Central User Administration

·         Using Directory Services

·         Work with SAP BO GRC

   Use Identity Management

TADM51-SAP NetWeaver AS DB Operation (Oracle)

Fecha: 16/12 al 20/12/2013 de 08:30 a 14:30hs


·         Database Overview

·         Reviewing Database Architecture

·         Connecting to the Database

·         Using Database Administration Tools

·         Administrating Oracle Instances

·         Backup, Restore and Recovery

·         Reviewing a Backup Strategy

·         Reviewing Backup Tools

·         Performing Backups

·         Performing Restore and Recovery

·         Working with Advanced Backup Techniques

·         Monitors and Tools

·         Introducing Oracle Data Management

·         Managing Database System Check

·         Explaining CCMS Alert Monitor

·         Space Management

·         Administrating “Table Spaces”

·         Performing Reorganization of Tables

·         Housekeeping and Troubleshooting

·         Oracle Cache Management

·         Introducing Oracle System Global Area

·         Introducing Automatic Oracle Program Global Area (PGA)

·         Monitoring of the Database Instance

·         Using the DBA Cockpit to Monitor the Database

·         Understanding the DBA Cockpit support of Oracle database features

·         Application Design Analysis

·         Understanding the Impact of Expensive SQL Statements

·         Using SM50/SM66 to Find Expensive SQL Statements

·         Using ST03/STAD to Find Expensive SQL Statements

·         Using ST04 to Find Expensive SQL Statements

·         Using SQL Trace to Find Expensive SQL Statements

·         Monitoring Exclusive Lock Waits

·         Index Management and Optimization

·         Utilizing Indexes

·         Creating an Index

·         Cost-Based Optimizer

·         Updating Statistics

·         Detecting problems with Optimizer statistics

·         Analysis of Physical and Logical Layout

·         Defragmenting Indexes

·         Working with I/O Contention

·         Memory Configuration Analysis

·         Describing Data Buffer Utilization

·         Analyzing Efficiency of Shared Pool

·         Monitoring the Automatic Program Global Area (PGA)

·         Wait Interface and Automatic Workload Repository

·         Observing Oracle Wait Interface

         Reviewing Automatic Workload Repository and Histories

Valor total de esta academia: USD5750 ( incluye primer oportunidad para rendir el examen de certificación)

Para mayor información y el registro en este curso, por favor contactar a:


SAP Educación CHILE

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