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Purpose: To Avoid Re-transport of Event based Process chain

There is process chain based on Event.Start variant of process chain shows the event.


These events can find in Tcode Sm64

For transport of process chain

Generally we are collecting transport objects from RSA1 -> Transport connection


It will show us all objects required for process chain except event and ABAP program Variant. Some time we did not identifies that event is missed out and we will transport this request to QA system. Request will transport without error. If you don’t have rights to create event or ABAP program variant in QA then there is no use of process chain in qa until event is present.

In such case remember that while collecting the event based process chain we need to collect event also in transport which will save your time.

How to collect event:

Go to Tcode – > SM64 find your event


Select event and click on truck button it will ask the transport request. Select existing request for process chain or create new.


For Collection of ABAP Program Variant.

Go to SE38 -> Put your ABAP on variant

Click on Utilities -> Transport request.


Click on execute button.


Click on continue it will ask the transport request. Select existing request for process chain or create new

In this way you can transport event and abap program variant to QA or Prod.

Hopes it will helpful to those having the same scenario -do not have rights to create event in QA and Prod.

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  1. Krishna Chaitanya

    Really nice one and a very important thing.  Always we missed it out to collect it in the transport.  One thing i want to include with this one.  We have to specify the variant. sometimes without variant it would not be triggered.  So can you add the creating variant and collecting the variant in the transport, it would be better blog to all of us.


    Krishna Chaitanya.

    1. Ganesh Bothe Post author

      Hi Krishna,

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂 ..I did not get your mean to say the program variants which are used in process chain that are also not able to see in transport connection..please correct me if i am wrong.please reply I will difinatly modify my bog

  2. Priyanka Jain

    Hi Ganesh,

    Thats really an informative article. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    This has happened with me too 🙁 I wish you could have shared this before 😛




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