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alternate row colors in a break

Some days ago I had the requirement to show alternate row colors in a break.

In fact that I was missing a SCN-Entry about this – there we go:

(I am using BO 4.0)




1. I create a variable RunningSwitcher with following definition:


This gives me a number starting at 1 for each line of one project:


2. next I created a variable ProjectSwitcher with following definition:


This variable gives me the same number for each project starting by 1:


3. a variable which checks if the ProjectSwitcher is even or odd to get one number for each even row and another for each odd row:



4 & last step: I created a conditional formatting on the last variable which just set a gray background color if the row number is 0:


That’s it!

As a result I got this:


Hope that helps,


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