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System Rename 1.0 tool (with screenshots)

This document explains how to rename an SAP system using the System Rename 1.0 tool, which is based on the installation tool.

System Rename 1.0 tool can be used for adapting:

SAP system ID

Host names

Database ID

Instance numbers of the instances on the SAP system

System Rename procedure is valid for ABAP, Java & Dual-stack (ABAP and Java) systems. Also you can perform the system rename on both central and distributed systems, however high availability & MCOD installation were still not supported till System Rename 1.0 SP03 (which I am using in this document).

Please read Note 1619720 – System Rename for SAP Systems based on SAP NetWeaver & SAP Guide for details.

System rename 1.0 media is available at


Unpack the System Rename archive with SAPCAR and Run sapinst.exe






Follow-up Activities

The follow-up activities for the system rename are identical with the follow-up activities for a system copy described in the system copy guide.

Also perform activities like Re-Configuring STMS, SLD & IGS RFC.

Reference :

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  • Hi Ashish,

    May you confirm please if the system rename tool indeed is applicable to MCOD systems? I read the latest version of note 1619720 and it explicitly says that High-availability and MCOD systems are not supported, but I understood from your post that this is already applicable as of system rename 1.0 SP 03?

    Thanks in advance for the response!



  • Hello Ashish,

    On the SAP Guide on unix, Said that we need to copy all the directories from the source SID to target SID, please let me know if it is necesario or not.

    Thank you.

    Andres Amaya

  • I didn't even knew this was actually on the making... This tool might be handy for system copies in virtual boxes... snapshot/rename voila!

    I will definitely give it a go!

    Regards, Juan

  • Hi Ashish,

    Very good explanation. Doe this tool "cut & copy" or "Copy and paste". i see we can put different host names for Source and target, so does this wipe out the source system aka move or just create a copy with the target parameters.