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Which tables are actually accelerated by finance & controlling accelerators?

Have you ever wondered about which underline tables are in fact accelerated when activating finance & controlling accelerators? That is a very useful piece of information if you want, for example, to accelerate your custom made ABAP program (Z program). Here is the list:

Component Table Name Short Description
ML CKMLCR Material Ledger: Period Totals Records Values
ML CKMLKEPH Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Elements)
ML CKMLPP Material Ledger Period Totals Records Quantity
ML CKMLPP Material Ledger Period Totals Records Quantity
ML CKMLPRKEKO Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Header) for Prices
ML CKMLPRKEPH Material Ledger: Cost Component Split (Elements) for Prices
ML FCML_ALT Alternatives
ML FCML_CCS_REP HDB Reporting Structure for ML
ML FCML_MAT ML Characteristics for Material (Selection Criteria)
ML FCML_PROC Business Processes
ML FCML_REP ML Reporting Structure
ML MLCD Material Ledger: Summarization Record (from Documents)
ML MLHD Material Ledger Document: Header
ML MLIT Material Ledger Document: Items
ML MLPP Material Ledger Document: Posting Periods and Quantities
ML MLREPORT Generated Table for View
FI-GL FAGLFLEXA General Ledger: Actual Line Items
FI-GL FAGLFLEXT General Ledger: Totals
AA ANEA Asset Line Items for Proportional Values
AA ANEK Document Header Asset Posting
AA ANEP Asset Line Items
AA ANLA Asset Master Record Segment
AA ANLB Depreciation terms
AA ANLC Asset Value Fields
AA ANLP Asset Periodic Values
AA ANLU Asset Master Record: User Fields
AA ANLZ Time-Dependent Asset Allocations
PCA GLPCA EC-PCA: Actual Line Items
PCA GLPCT EC-PCA: Totals Table
CO-OM COBK CO Object: Document Header
CO-OM COEJ CO Object: Line Items (by Fiscal Year)
CO-OM COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period)
CO-PC /BIC/A0CO_PC_1000 Data from Data Source 0CO_PC_10
CO-PC AFPO Order item
CO-PC AN_PROD_COST Analytic View Product Costing
CO-PC AUFK Order master data
CO-PC CSKB Cost Elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area)
CO-PC CSKS Cost Center Master Data
CO-PC CSKT Cost Center Texts
CO-PC CSKU Cost Element Texts
CO-PC CSLA Activity master
CO-PC CSLT Activity type texts
CO-PC MAKT Material Descriptions
CO-PC MARA General Material Data
CO-PC MARC Plant Data for Material
CO-PC T001 Company Codes
CO-PC T001W Plants/Branches
CO-PC T023T Material Group Descriptions
CO-PC T179T Materials: Product hierarchies: Texts
CO-PC TKA01 Controlling Areas
IM BPGE Totals Record for Total Value              Controlling obj.
IM BPJA Totals Record for Annual Total             Controlling Obj.
MM BKPF Accounting documents
MM BSIM Secondary Index, Documents for Material
MM EBEW Material valuation project stock
MM EBEWH Valuation of Sales Order Stock: History
MM EKBE Purchasing history
MM EKBE_MA History of Purchasing Document at Account Assignment Level
MM EKBZ_MA Delivery Costs at Account Assignment Level
MM EKKN Account assignment in purchasing
MM EKPO Purchase document (item level)
MM ESLL Lines of Service Package
MM MAKT Material text
MM MARA General Material Data
MM MARC Plant Data for Material
MM MARD Storage Location Data for Material
MM MARI Short document: material movement
MM MBEW Material Valuation
MM MBEWH Material Valuation: History
MM MCHA Batches
MM MCHB Stock: batches
MM MKOL Special Stocks from Vendor
MM MKPF Header- Material Document
MM MSEG Document Segment- Material
MM MSKA Sales order stock
MM MSKU Special Stocks with Customer
MM MSLB Special Stocks with Vendor
MM MSPR Project stock (including non-valuated)
MM MSSA Total Customer Orders on Hand
MM MSSQ Project Stock Total
MM OBEW Valuated Stock with Subcontractor
MM OBEWH Valuated Stock with Subcontractor: History
MM QBEW Project stock valuation
MM QBEWH Valuation of Project Stock: History

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      Mohsin Abbasi

      Nice Work, too technical Although..........:)

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      Mohsin Abbasi

      Author's profile photo Eduardo Rodrigues
      Eduardo Rodrigues
      Blog Post Author

      thanks for your comment. Yeap... it is quite technical 🙂

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      Dawood Khalid

      Thanks Eduardo, i was looking this type of thing !!!

      Author's profile photo Eduardo Rodrigues
      Eduardo Rodrigues
      Blog Post Author

      I'm happy it was useful

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      Manuel Robalinho

      Thanks. Excelent work. Very useful.