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Where to Find default template for Analyzer and web template in BI System.

Purpose: Just want to share the information about location of default template for analyzer and Web Template.

Many Times question comes in mind whenever we see the out put of reports- from where it is taking the format of report.

Some time it is business requirement that we need to show logo of company on each report.

There are two different places where the default templates are stored.

1)Location of Analyzer template

Go to Tcode SE16



Press Execute

Here you will find the default analyzer template (ID) which is used by all your reports in BI system executed through Analyzer.

Copy that Id and provide to the following table which will give you the description of your workbook template

       SE16 – > RSRWBINDEXT


  Open this workbook template through Analyzer whenever you want ot modify.

2)      Location of Web template:

You can find this setting through SPRO which is shown in following screen or directly with Tcode RSCUSTV27


Click on set standard Web Templates.

Here you will find the Technical name of web template which is used by all the BI reports executed on web.

Open that web template through Web Application Designer whenever you want to modify.

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