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Can´t start new application neither create a new binding


  I am trying to start an application but it doesn´t never change to status “Started”. I have trayed to started from Eclipse and from the cockpit. When I push on the Start button I get this:


I have been waiting for several minutes but it never changes.

Another problem is that if I try to create a new binding it blocks the cockpit and I can´t do anything. I get this:


Could anybody help me?

Thanks in advanced,

  Javier García

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  • Happens with me too. I even tried using the stop command from console client, providing the application id of the 'starting' process. This persists even when I deleted everything created during the deployment, i.e., the application, the default bindings and the schema and then recreated with identical names.

    Apparently, what needs to be done is terminate the process at VM level; something I don't know how to do. Regardless, you can deploy the very application with a new name, using eclipse and complete the rest of the week's exercise. It will work just fine.