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Loading Date of BW InfoProvider in SAP BO

Howdy fellas,

since I found the very nice blog entry from Prabhith and people may have not activated the BI Administration Cockpit, I decided to quickly post an entry quick and dirty while loading some data 😉

(Link to document:

One of the most missing features in BI is the loading date of InfoProvider in SAP BW.

Quite a while before the BI Admin Cockpit was activated in our system, I needed to find a solution.

As Prabhith mentioned there a quite a few so this is how I done it:

1. Create a Generic DataSource in your BW System on Table RSBKREQUEST (no delta necessary at least in my case).


2. Create a DSO with the following InfoObjects:

-> ZULADDAT is a Date and ZULADTST ist the timestamp of the loading.


3. Create a Transformation


4. Create the routines for converting the timestamps into somthing we can use:

a. Routine for the InfoObject ZULADDAT (convert the timestamp in date)


b. Routine for the InfoObject ZULADTST


-> Make sure to set your TimeZone and DayLightSaving indicator according to your needs.

in my case we are in Switzerland.

5. Create the DTP with filter:

a. TargetObjectType  CUBE, IOBJA, ISET and ODSO

b. Request Status: 2 and 8

6. Create a Multiprovider on top of the DSO – add the fields

-> Create a BEx Query and / or a Universe.

7. Result can look like this (we have this on all our Webi-Reports:


Thats about it.

Hope this helps,


PS: Make sure to put this load after loading all other InfoProvider 🙂

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    • Well argueable, cos BW does not need the loading date of InfoProviders since its already build in BEx. This solution is for BO - especially for Webi / Dashboards etc.

      But i dont mind letting you move this 🙂