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Difference between SUP 2.1x versions and SMP 3.0

I would like to give an idea about the major changes between the previous Sybase unwired platform versions and the latest SAP Mobileplatform. The differences listed in the below table are at a high level and technical details about each component are not discussed. I have not considered the SMP 2.3 version in the below table. Let me know if there are any suggestions and I shall update the blog as I learn more about the new SMP 3.0 product. SMP 3.0 would be released after 14th Nov 2013, so we shall know more details.
Feature SUP 2.1x SMP 3.0
Land Scape SUP cluster available for High availability Cluster is now available in SMP 3.0 sp03( latest patch) Note 1903674
Platform SUP standalone product Merged Syclo Agentry , SAP Lean Java Server, Sybase Mobilizer into one single Product
EIS ( Enterprise Information System) Supports heterogeneous EIS Supports heterogeneous EIS but with OData protocol only. Note: Gateway management cockpit is availble to convert Non-SAP back end to Odata. The Gateway cockpit can be accessd through https://<ServerName>:<Port>/gateway/cockpit
Cache Policy Data Tier Existed called CDB ( Consolidated database) for cache purposes The concept of CDB no more exists; the data tier has the details regarding
configuration settings only. Oracle, DB2, ASE are supported for production version. For development, default derby database can be used.
Relay Server Relay Server existed for proxy 3rd Party Reverse Proxy can be used. Relay servers are now supported in SMP 3.0 sp03, Note 1903612
Mobile Business Object Mobile Business Objects holds the business logic MBO are supported in SMP 3.0 sp03, through MBO runtime
Operating System Only Windows Windows,Linux and Mac
Framework Java Java with OSGI as container.
Adminstration Console SCC ( Sybase Control Center)

SMP Management Cockpit.

Hybrid Applications Could be developed through Hybrid web container Introduced Cordova with Kapsel plugins. ( For iOS and Android) Support for other mobile platforms is planned in future versions.
Miscellaneous No Syclo applications could be developed More than 1 syclo applications are now supported in SMP 3.0, sp03.
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    • Alexandros, Clustering, Relay server support and complete Odata offline is planned to supported in the future. Caching is not needed in the middle-ware so it is removed from the platform. Heterogeneous DBs are supported now using the NW gateway Java.

      - Midhun VP

  • Hi All,

        Need a Clarification on "Landscape of SMP 3.0". How do i balance load in SMP 3.0 If the architecture is Active passive and not Active Active. "No Cluster but another server (Standby server) gets activated if primary is not available."

    Also With respect to Syclo If i need more than 1 instance for Syclo Manager then how it can be achieved? Should i have to go for new installation for every Syclo manager apps.

    Can any one clarify me on this.



    • Hi Arun,

      You need to have a load balancer for the two SUP servers which can direct the traffic to standby server in case the primary goes down.

      Regarding developing more than 1 syclo app, we need to get more clarification from SAP. As of now, we dont have much information regarding developing more than 1 syclo application.

      • Hi Siva,

             If I’m going to Have LB in front of these SMP boxes then it should be Active/Active, because the purpose LB is also to achieve of Concurrency. Probably With the architecture that you specified will suite High Availability. Could you check whether Trafic will be diverted to Secondary SMP box only when the primary SMP goes down?

        For Syclo Any way let me check and SAP and update you.



        • After consulting SAP, we found that in the Ramp up version there is no high availbility scenario with Load balancer. In ramp up version we can only have one server and if we install the secondary server, it would override the tables written for primary server in the datatier. We would get a definite answer once the runtime version of SMP 3.0 is released regarding the stand by server and its installation.

  • CDB = Consolidated DataBase?  Everything I have seen in documentation and SCN calls that the Cache DataBase.  Where did you get that definition from?

    Thanks, Mike

    SAP Customer Experience Group - CEG

  • Few of the points given in the blog is no more valid. The limitations of SMP 3 platform was resolved .

    • SMP now supports a clustered environment. Multiple server nodes can be installed in a cluster configuration. Install the 3.0 SP03.
    • SMP now supports Relay Server as well as reverse proxy. Install the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SP03.
    • Existing MBO based projects are supported in SMP through a MBO runtime.

    Please update the blog SHIVKUMAR Nadikuda.

    Midhun VP

    • Hi Midhun,

      The points mentioned by you are correct, but we need to get more clear information from SAP regarding,

      1) Clustering and High availability. How are the multiple servers going to be configured. Is it active/active or active/passive. We have installed SMP 3.0 sp3 but still waiting on SAP regarding exact configuration for multiple servers.

      2) Reverse proxy can be achieved by any other 3rd party software, and does not restrict to only relay servers. We need more information as relay servers do not suppot agentry applications. So, in an architecture we cannot have two types of reverse proxies.

      3) We have no clarity about migration efforts of MBO applications from previous versions to SMP 3.0.

      All the above points need authentic documentation which we can use confidently atleast in DEV environment. We are still waiting on clarification for above points on our DEV environment.

      would update the blog once I get more information or let me know if there is any documentation.



      • SAP already updated their notes in SAP Marketplace regarding the solutions for limitations in SMP.

        Regarding relay server support : Note 1903612

        Regarding clustering support: Note 1903674.

        The blog talks about comparison not how it can be done/more information is provided or not, so its important not to confuse the readers.

        Midhun VP

      • Just to also clarify, Agentry does support reverse proxy servers in SMP 3.0.  Specifically NGinx was tested by QA and others are known to work as well.  You can of course still use any proxy in a pass through mode as well with Agentry under SMP 3.0.


  • I was told that SUP R&D is stopped, and SUP will be end of life and end of support soon, is it true? Do we have the official documents?