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Setting up Email Alerts in SUM Tool

Setting up Email Alerts in SUM Tool in UNIX

Below are detailed steps with screen shot to configure email ALERTS in SUM tool.
Once configured, SUM will send a email to the configured email ID whenever the SUM tool is waiting for user input.
This is useful as some of the upgrade phases ranges from few minutes to few hours.


  • Find out the SMTP server name and port (you can find it from TCODE SCOT in a SAP ABAP system)


1. Create the script and place it in a location that can be accessed by SUM tool

> 1068 $ cat


SUBJECT=”SUM tool need input for PQ3″



echo “SUM tool need input” | mailx -s “$SUBJECT” “$EMAIL”

2. Test the script

– verify the script can run without errors

– ensure you receive the email when you execute the script

3. Configuration in SUM tool (screen shot attached)

3.1. Launch SUM tool

3.2. select SUM tool ==> Select Alert ==> Alert Info

3.3. For “Program” select the script that you created

3.4. Leave “Alert File” default value

3.5. Set “Alert Delay” (default 600s=10min, I usually set it to 120s)

3.6. Test the alert mechanism works by clicking the “Test” button

     – clicking the test button will call the script you prepared in step 1

     – so this should trigger an email alert

3.7. Ensure the “Set Active” checkbox is checked

3.8. Press OK


4. Now whenever the SUM tool need an input from the user, once the time specified in “Alert Delay” is reached you will receive an email.

5. For WINDOWS VBS script can be created using the sample script in

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  • Thanks! This has always helped.

    Is there a way we can setup these alerts while using DMO - SUM SP 13 ( Starting SUM tool using saphostagent) ? I dont see any option to configure alerts in there



  • HI!

    Thanks for article, really helpful. But i change the script.

    For me its look:


    SUBJECT="SUM tool need input for U"



    echo "SUM tool need input" | mailx -v -s "$SUBJECT" -S $smtp $EMAIL

  • Good share !

    But in latest sum tool sp16 , we can't find alter function in new gui ...

    Also no mentioned in sum guide, can we say that there is no alter function in sp16 ?



    • Hello Quintina,

      Since new SUM tool allow multiple logins in to interact with tool for : Update of SAP Systems Using Software Update Manager (ABAP+Java Systems) and Update of SAP Systems Using Software Update Manager (ABAP Systems).

      If you go to guide :

      Update of SAP Systems Using Software Update

      Manager 1.0 SP16

      Technology: Java

      Platform: Windows

      Database: MS SQL Server

      Page number : 98

      Section : 7.4.6 Using the Alert Function

      Please let me know if you need more information



      PS: Alerting is available as :Update of SAP Systems Using Software Update Manager (Java Systems)

      • Thank you very much for your answer. But my case is on a combination of HPUX_IA64 SAP HANA and ERP(ABAP ONLY).

        I checked the corresponding sum guide and also download sum tool but found nothing about email alter function...

        Can I conclude that this function is only available in several type of sum tool BUT not available in sum (HP-UX+HANA ABAP)?



  • But my case is a combination of HP-UX+ SAP HANA ERP(ABAP ONLY).

    I checked corresponding sum guide and also download sum tool but found nothing about alert function, can I conclude that this function is not available in this type of SUM ?

    Customer complains about this ...

    Thanks ,


    • It appears that in the new sp16 version of the SUM tool the alert function (described in chapter A.3.12 of the latest guide) only works with NETBIOS messages sent between hosts. I must admit, to my thinking this is a significant downgrade, as previously one could call scripts or programs on the host that could send emails. An email is significantly more useful for alerting than NETBIOS messages (which are blocked on many corporate PCs these days, anyway).

      I don't know about you, but when I run upgrades, especially production upgrades, they tend to run all night, and I do not sit and stare at my monitor for hours waiting for it to tell me that I need to do something. Instead I set SUM to send me an email when it needs input, and I configure my email to forward that as a text message to my phone, and then I go to sleep, confident that the program will wake me up when it needs me.

      • Below is what can be setup as a cron job to check for alerts. Not sure if you already considered this as an option.

        • script is as below:

        [ -f /usr/sap/SID/SUM/abap/tmp/upalert.log ] && (cat /usr/sap/SID/SUM/abap/tmp/upalert.log | mail -s "SAPup Alert" 2>&1)

        • Thanks, though I'm not sure how to set that up on a Windows host, but even so, it's still a regression compared to the prior functionality. And, don't we need to still configure SUM to send the alert to that logfile in the first place?

          • the upalert.log file is what get generated everytime SUM tool waits for an input.

            I believe on windows you can create a .bat to look for that upalert.log file and throw an alert via the task scheduler.

            The script above works perfectly for any unix environment.

    • Hi all,

      I want to update to all

      -SUM Java has the alerting functionality available in SP16 as described in the corresponding upgrade guides

      - SUM ABAP does not have the alerting functionality in SUM SP16

      It is planned to be released together with SUM SP18 (planned release is in october of this year).  This date is an inofficial release date and still due to changes.

      A feature which we could already use is the Observer Mode of SUM which will enable you to monitor the Upgrade in the browser from a mobile device.



      • Thank you for the update, Quintina. October, unfortunately, is going to be too late for my current upgrade project. Observer mode doesn't help much, as the point is to be able to sleep during long-running processes of a large upgrade with some assurance that one will be awakened when attention is required, so as to keep the upgrade moving along without stalls or delays.

        I know some clever people have written VBscripts and scheduled them in the OS at 5-minute intervals to look for the upalert file and then email it when found, and I suppose now I'll be working on developing such a thing myself, but it doesn't take away from the fact that a feature that has been in R3up, SAPup, and then SUM for probably 20+ years shouldn't have disappeared in the first place.

        Apologies for the grumpiness. Perhaps I need another coffee.

        • I think we should appreciate the pace at which the changes are being made. I understand we lose some features but do have a lot of cool features and ofcourse have work around for functionalities like email. Again - its just a personal opinion.
          In the end the developers have done a great job in building the new UI is what I feel.