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Using Lumira with Text Analysis to see What is Coming to Reporting 2013 Conference

The Reporting 2013 Conference is coming later this month in Orlando, so I thought I would use Text Analysis from Data Services to see what is being discussed at the conference – themes, products, organizations.  I use the output from Text Analysis and take that to Lumira.

First I took the brochure and copied the text to Notepad so it was all raw text.  Please note I did NOT copy the entire brochure but just a few pages.  This is how it looks below:


Clearly the above shows it is unstructured text.  How to analyze?

Then I went to Data Services and used the Base Entity extract transform and read the file in:


In the above it is taking the text file in, using the Base Entity extract transform to determine what to read, and then it will output it to a Text file.


In Data Services I am using entity types NOUN_GROUP, ORGANIZATION, and PRODUCT


I take the file to Lumira and read it in.


I decide to look at a word cloud with product mentions; predictably HANA has top mention and then Web Intelligence and Predictive Analysis.


I look at the word cloud with organization mentions and SAP is top, with McKesson.  I am not sure why products are also included as organizations but I am not an expert in Data Services.


The above shows top noun groups mentioned and this to me shows some key themes from just a few pages – Mobile and business users.  You can also see real time, use cases, drive user adoption, all key themes this year in the analytics space.

Will you be attending?

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