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  In the first part Steps to create custom Gateway service and Android application through Eclipse Part 1 , i discussed first three topics:

1. Create a custom RFC Function Module to get PO header and item details. ( Developed in Backend system)

2. Create service in gateway system using above RFC Function Module.

3. Test our service in ‘Service Explorer’.

In this blog i will continue and discuss how to ‘Create Application in Eclipse and testing on Simulator’ 

4. Create Application in Eclipse and testing on Simulator : 

    Create New Project in Eclipse.


     In OData Development -> Starter Application Project


Here I am using Android 4.0 as my phone has Android 4.1.1 version  .


    Choose List/Details Application


Get the Service link from metadata:




Add Activity for Header details:


    Add Header Fields


Add ‘+’ to add new activity for Item details:


Add Item fields and use Finish button to complete the Application development.


    Select your Project and Execute. Run As -> Android Application



Enter Gateway system details:


As there is no input criteria, we will get first 50 PO’s based on our RFC function module.


Scroll to get next PO’s

Select a PO to navigate to Items.


We can use this .APK file to test it on Android device.


Right click on your project in Eclipse and goto Properties. Under Resource -> Location, you can get above file(.APK) location.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Sheetal ,

    Nice blog with steps …

    Just a question , in my Eclipse kepler … I dont see Odata Development project …

    Do I need to install new piece of item for Odata Development Project to be appeared..

    Appreciate your help and advise..

    Kind regards


  2. Former Member

    Nice Blog, very well explained. I am trying to create an simple app for android with Eclipse Mars, can you please help me how to create it? I don’t have SMP server in my landscape.


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