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These are some of the important SAP notes related to Product Safety . I may collate few more notes regarding other sub modules in EHS when time permits.

Component Module SAP Note Relates to
Product Safety Report Generation 1058521

Solutions to error msgs that occur

during report generation

Product Safety Report Generation, WWI 580586

WWI: Generation server as a Windows


Product Safety, Dangerous Goods, Industrial Hygiene and Safety Report Generation 513330 WWI: License key for generation server
Product Safety Report Generation 580607 WWI: Service and D COM security settings
Basic data and Tools, Product Safety EH&S Windows Word-processor Integration 733416 EH&S WWI and Unicode
Product Safety EHS WWI, Report Shipping 788573

EH&S WWI: Microsoft Word stops during


Product Safety EHS WWI, Report Shipping 971282

EH&S WWI: Printing in A4 or letter format

Product Safety Report Definition 995736

DMS Customizing for EH&S documents as of ERP 2004

General Common 1069130

RFC Destination Monitoring: Separate

Method for Each Destination

Product Safety Report Management 1091699

Status definitions in DMS Customizing

for EHS document types

Product Safety Report Management 1094307 Batch jobs for reports in EH&S
Product Safety Report Shipping 1096411

Changing error messages in report


Product Safety Specification Management 1148408

Correction of error messages in report


Product Safety EHS WWI 1240591

EH&S WWI: WWI server terminates if

errors occur

EH&S WWI 1394553

EH&S WWI server installation


Product Safety Global Label Management 5196 Printing bar codes with SAP script
Product Safety Global Label Management 645158 New bar code technology
Product Safety Global Label Management 1557674 Overview of bar code printing from SAP
Product Safety EHS WWI 1535067 EH&S WWI: Generating PDF files
EH&S WWI 568302 Current version of EHS WWI & EHS Expert/OCC
Product Safety EHS WWI 1782458 EH&S WWI: Self repair
EH&S WWI 1507738 EH&S WWI: Reports in right to left languages
Product Safety EHS WWI 907221 EH&S WWI: Things to consider during an MS Word update
Product Safety Report Definition 1601188 Error analysis for EH&S Standard processing methods
Product Safety Report Definition 1349193 FAQ: layout for EHS report templates
Product Safety Report Definition 1033594 WWI server selection for report generation
Product and reach compliance 2.0 Report management 1451286 Error C$ for report from template(report preview-CG42 )
Product Safety Report management 1152703 Message D9 795: Could not load file to front end
Product Safety Report Definition 1608768 FAQ: Layouts for EHS report templates using includes
Product Safety Report Shipping 1096697 EH&S Report Shipping
Product Safety WWI 1576098

EH&S WWI Standard WWI processing Methods

Product Safety Specification management,Report Definition 1566397 EH&S WWI Standard WWI processing Methods
Product Safety Report Shipping 1092847 Shipping of acknowledgement of receipt
Product Safety WWI 1423299 Enhancement to RC14SXDVSCHECK to check DMS customizing
Product Safety WWI 755118 error when assigning document template layout
Product Safety WWI 866032 Problems editing templates/ displaying report
Product Safety WWI 1432053 Error$868:Template for variant is in status &



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  1. Christoph Bergemann

    Dear Dinesh

    thanks for starting this. 🙂 😆 😎 .Clearyl I will add this documentation to my one.

    May be think about to add:

    1.) OSS note regarding SVT

    2.) Other OSS Notes regarding WWI techniques (mentioned very often here but nobody has collected them so far)

    3.) May be add OSS notes related to Component Etxension as this seem to be of high interest in the last months here

    4.) On SAP Marketplace some so called “COmposite OSS Note regarding EHS” are available as well. They might be helpful as well

    Please go on in writing documents ! 😉


  2. Former Member

    Hi Dinesh

    I am new to SAP world so I dont have much knowledge on product safety.Right now I am in production support project so any useful notes for me if you forward will be helpful to me.

    Thanks & regards


    1. Former Member Post author

      Dear Kuldeep,

      I have no idea on what are you talking about?. Are you working on SAP EHS?.Please share more information on your requirement.Be specific about the module content. Under which module are you providing support. In SAP EHS or SAP PP….Visit for further details.



      1. Former Member

        Dhinesh right now I am in production support project and I am newbie to SAP.I dont have OSS access ,so I thought if you could share some doc which will helpful to gain conceptual knowledge will be useful to me.If at all it is possible to you then help me .

        1. Former Member

          Hi Kulddep,

          I have some words to say you, Nothing is Impossible in SAP. what i understood, now you are in Support project, Excellent. without OSS access you can get number of SAP EHS documents in internet.

          Before going start SAP EHS journey, you need to  know something . Go through the mentioned  link

          As per Ravi statement You cannot transform yourself from a fresher to an expert SAP Consultant in overnight. It needs lot of commitment, dedication, sacrifice, effort, expertise and ability to become a reliable SAP Consultant.

          Take the challenge up  and start the journey. Best of Luck.

          There is some SAP best practices documents available in market place . Here you can download with out SAP market place user id and password.

          you can get  1) Configuration Guide 2) Business Process Documentation 3) Scenario Overview

          This documents could help you start in your journey. Depending on the scenario you can download and start practice



          1. Former Member

            Hi Edward

            Thanks a lot .Your words are really boosting my moral.First I thought after reading docs in your message i will reply to you but I cant resist myself to thank somebody who has spent time for me in his busy schedule.I will follow your advice and put my 100% to become expert SAP consultant.

            I will go through these docs and in case any issue I will revert back to you.

            Kind Regards


              1. Former Member

                Hi Edward

                It was my mistake i forgot to tell you that I am in SAP BI production support project so I am not aware of EHS.So,could please send some docs related to sap bi spport project or any sort of guidance is much appreciated.



                1. Former Member

                  Hi Kuldeep,

                  To be frank,  I  don’t have much idea about BI. My core module is SAP EHS if you want any information or help  related EHS i can help you .


                    1. Former Member

                      Hi Kuldeep,

                      Mean while please check at BW related forums you will find lot information related production support issues. if you face any issues you can raise at same forums. Always better check/ask related forums, you may get helpful information.

                      i think your familair with bw forums. if not please let me know i will guide  you.


                      1. Former Member

                        Hi Raman

                        I dont know much about these forums.I am following few like bi intelligence etc .If you know some other forums ,kindly guide me.




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