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Taking SCN gamification to the next level: SCN Rewards

Early Friday morning on my home from TechEd Las Vegas, I met SCN Community Manager Jason Cao on the bus to the airport and we started discussing SCN gamification efforts.  Jason provided some background on how new missions were created and defined.

I recalled playing games where you earned new items through active participation and then could really use these new items in the game.  I tried to use the same metaphor regarding SCN gamification efforts. In the past, SDN gave out t-shirts based on acquired point level. I still have some of these shirts but they didn’t really leave a lasting impression on me.  In today’s SCN, missions are fun but I can live without them. 

Jason and I started brainstorming about what else might motivate more people to collaborate.  We thought about different types of rewards which would not be based on points but on the completion of a series of related missions. In this manner, such rewards might be similar to the reward programs for credit cards.

I’m crowd-sourcing the brainstorming for these rewards –  just as I did for my ideas for missions

Here are some ideas about potential rewards. What are your ideas?

Reward Description
Access to special SCN forums What about having special forums where you have to earn access. In these forums, top experts from SAP and partners personally answer your questions.  These would be the experts who speak at TechEds, write the books, etc. Of course, these individuals also participate in the normal SCN forums but in the restricted forums, the number of participants is less and the attention of top experts is better.  The general public might be able to view the contents of such forums but couldn’t post questions.
Code Review from an expert What about having a SAP expert review your code? The expert would spend an hour looking at your code and making suggestions.
Buddy coding from an expert An expert does a personal one hour development session with the reward recipient.
A lunch with CTO Vishal Sikka A winner could have a 30 minute lunch with Vishal Sikka and discuss technology
Getting your picture taken with one of SAP CEOs
Participating in a SAP Mentors webinar Often SAP Mentors have special webinars with top executives, this winner would participate in one such SAP Mentor webinar.

Getting early access to a new software product

A DemoJam mentor This winner would get the support of a personal experienced Demo Jam winner to help create an excellent Demo Jam contribution
DemoJam spot This winner would automatically get invited to the DemoJam without having to through the usual competition.
Interview with a coveted SAP SI Often, it is difficult to get an interview with a popular SI. This reward provides the winner with an interview at such a company.
SAP Mentor Nomination The winner will be automatically nominated as SAP Mentor

To be interviewed by SAP TV at one of the events like SAP TechEd

Receiving an offer to own an expert (networking) session at an event like SAP TechEd

Feel free to add your own ideas to this list.

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  • Hi Dick

    I love the idea! Instantaneously, an idea was building in my head. Going through your list, I was getting more and more excited when I did not find it among the splendid ideas of yours; only to find myself crestfallen with your very last idea, as this was exactly the one that was forming in my head. Jokes aside: all of them are great ideas. I would be most in favor of the last one as said. This could be something like the “masterpiece” mission (except for the ones that can already call themselves SAP Mentors of course). There could be intermediate steps before receiving a SAP Mentor nomination, though, like being nominated as a space moderator.

    Other rewards could be:

    • To be interviewed by SAP TV at one of the events like SAP TechEd
    • Receiving an offer to own an expert (networking) session at an event like SAP TechEd

    Cheers, Benny

  • Great ideas! I have some of them in mind already. I hadn’t thought about things such as “get your code reviewed” etc. Cool! Keep it coming please, I’d like to think about this in 2014.


    • Rewards would be great motivating factor – great to hear that you will be looking more closely at them in 2014.

      The most coveted rewards could be limited to two winners per quarter to make things even more interesting.

      If you have rewards that are job-related, you could probably get even more interest. 

  • Hi Richard,

    Thank you so much for sharing useful information. We will try to get all the rewards and recognition soon. Lets hope for the best ! 🙂

    Have a nice day!


    Hari Suseelan