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Just a quick heads-up about the new features that have been made available in this release of SAP Lumira 1.13:

1. An Edit Formula option has been added for columns that have been created using the formula editor.

  • You can now edit the formula without having to create a new column for the modified formula.To use the new edit feature, click the down arrow in the title of the formula column and select Edit:


2. SAP Lumira document file format changes to .lums.

  • When you create a new document in SAP Lumira SP13, the document is saved using a new file format:


3. Averages defined in datasets are now supported when being publishing to the SAP Lumira Cloud. (Previously, aggregation of type Average was not kept when published).





4. We have extended support for SAP HANA and other new datasources. In addition to the current SAP HANA supported data sources, SAP Lumira now adds the following SAP HANA data sources:

  • SAP HANA external views
  • Hadoop Hive*

* don’t forget, you’ll need to download the Hadoop .jar file from Apache, and point to it from the Lumira freehand SQL preferences window.


4. We now have the abvility to support a “Named range” when creating a dataset: If your Microsoft Excel data source contains one or more named ranges, You can now use the Advanced Options tab (on the ‘new dataset’ page) to select and apply a specific Range.


5. Help is now available directly on the SAP Help Portal:

  • When you click the question mark icon, or select Help, this now opens our documentation on the SAP Help Portal. It is no longer installed locally.
  • Ensure that you have an internet connection to access the Online Help. The Help opens in your internet browser. You can download the PDF version of the user’s guide at any time to ensure that you have access to the documentation when working offline.


As you can see, the feature list isn’t huge. So this SP13 builds instead on SP12’s significant refresh, whilst delivering more core stability and capability improvements.



p.s. Here’s a screenshot of the gated Service Market Place’s ‘software download’ location, for those customers who have access using Support S-user logins:


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  1. Former Member

    With 1.13.0, there’s an undocumented change in the Visualization Filters dialog box that no longer shows the items selected from the list in a separate text box.  Instead, selected entries remain highlighted in the select list.

    What I cannot find is a way to deselect one entry from the list.  Whenever I attempt to select an already selected item, I lose the entire list.  Is there a documented way to remove a selected entry in the list without losing the remaining selected entries?

        1. Tammy Powlas

          You can go to Service Marketplace or go to to download the latest version – auto-update didn’t work for me either, so I did he latter and went to

          1. Former Member

            Went to Service Marketplace – only 1.13.0 is available.  Downloaded the trylumira version and it’s also 1.13.0 (and would not install as it said I already had that version.)

    1. Henry Banks
      Post author

      not necessarily, because we support UNX from BI 4.0 SP5 / SP6 / SP7 too.

      If you have a technical problem, please open a discussion thread illustrating your issue .



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