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Matt Harding’s Fiori Like Challenge – Let’s Ideate (e.g. Brainstorm)…(Part 2)

Note – Refer to Matt Harding’s Fiori Like Challenge – Let’s Ideate (e.g. Brainstorm)…(Part 2) for more information…

This collaboration document is to capture all the ideas (no judging just yet) that are out there to solve the problem:

Bob lives in Tasmania, Australia; working for various companies as an Independent SAP Consultant (this feels a bit like an advertisement right now, but hey – it’s my blog). Day to day, Bob has problems recalling names, and linking new names to faces and even when he does, he sometimes wants to know more about them, even if it is just to give them a call or understand where they sit in the organisation. When he needs this information, he needs it immediately wherever and whenever.

Caveat – I am still targeting a “Fiori Like” solution in the end, but don’t let that stop you. So enter ideas below:

  • Whatever we do, it’s got to be near instantaneous for Bob.
  • How about using Google Glass to use facial recognition and put together a set of key information as he walks around – with the ability to ask Google Glass to find someone, ask for their manager (including a picture), etc. How cool would that be?
  • You know that game you played when you were young where you asked whether they were male or female, wore glasses, had a beard, etc; how about an app that provided that type of filtering capability so you could quickly navigate to the person you are after via a 20 questions style approach?
  • Directly from your calendar app; how about launching an app with each person’s email address, and a Fiori like list of people come up with their faces and relevant details to make it easy to keep up on who everyone is prior to the meeting.
  • Adding to this, wouldn’t it be cool if you could mark off “I know him/her” so you only see the ones that are new each time.
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an ability to load up non-HR related people into a separate identity database to combine with HR people so you get a more comprehensive view, e.g. when dealing with lots of consultants.
  • People able to search on your mobile device via organisational structure.
  • How about a simple who is that person game mode where while waiting, you can target an organisational group, and just let the system ask you who is…And your presented a set of names or set of pictures, and you guess the person; to effectively train Bob in knowing everyone (and he can work through each organisational unit or set of units over time).
  • Have the ability to do a fuzzy search over things like first name, last name, position, location, etc; and as you type, show how many results you have via a quick AJAX call to the back-end (obviously running HANA though we’re not talking technology); so you can filter down to a consumable list (or not), then once happy with the number of results, get back a list of faces/names to pick from in a fiori like list/detail view.
  • Have the option to preload an organisational area of photos so that the application responds much much quicker. Probably not a good idea to cache anything other than photos. When a new person starts, the photo will need to be loaded, but it should cache for at least 4 weeks. Bob should be given the option to refresh images for performance once every 4 weeks (prior to the cache expiring).
  • <Enter other ideas here if you like – have fun – it’s not ser

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      Author's profile photo Susan Keohan
      Susan Keohan

      I really like the idea of 'Who is that person' in game mode.  That kind of application would ensure that I remember people's faces/names.

      Keep going Matt!

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      This is great - and "Hi Bob" - uh oh, reminds me of my brother's college days - see

      This is very creative.  Sadly I can't think of any other ideas.  Since it's Design Thinking, perhaps include post-it notes screen shots?

      Author's profile photo Matt Harding
      Matt Harding
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Bob! I mean Sue/Tammy  Yep - That could be fun in a dangerous way next we meet...

      And for reference, the game idea was kind of what they did with Innojam a couple of years ago, and Mark Finnern presented it really well - I personally loved it for reasons Bob would love it too!

      BTW - I'm going to avoid screen prints/post-it notes as SCN image pasting is a nightmare - Part 3 took more time to load the images into my blog than drawing all the images! That's just not right. Not sure why cut and paste doesn't work like it does in gmail?!

      Finally, feel free to give me feedback on the UI in Part 3. Design Thinking without inclusion/diversity is not really Design Thinking - even if I do follow all the steps!