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Data Archiving – Billing Documents (SD_VBRK)

Data Archiving – Billing Documents

Object : SD_VBRK

Usage  : Billing Documents

Residence Time : 600 Days

Tables : 53 Tables are considered for archiving

Prerequisites :

– The residence time for billing documents is longer than the runtime for rebate processing 

– The residence time must have expired.

– The billing document must have overall processing status “C” (completed) or “Blank” (not relevant).

– The subsequent documents should completed (VBUK-GBSTK = “C” or “Blank”).

– The relevant FI documents must have cleared (optional).


Though not mandatory, It is advisable to archive the following before billing documents are archived with SD_VBRK:

– RV_LIKP (SD Deliveries)

– FI_DOCUMNT (Accounting Documents)

Archiving Write Job : Creating the archive file

Run the SAP Archive Administration (transaction code SARA). Give the object name SD_VBRK in the Object Name input field. Click on the write button .

Give a variant name, click on maintain button.

Maintaining the Variant

The variant for selection can be created by providing the sales document, billing type, created on range ,sales organization or by company code.

In options,if the change date: Residence time check should be maintained if the residence period check to be calculated based on the document change date. If left unchecked, the residence period check will be done based on the creation date.

If the Check Flow Documents Residence option is checked then the billing document will be archived only if the residence time for all the documents in its document flow has completed their residence time.

The processing mode selected should be ‘Production Mode’.

Note: To have more control on the process, use maximum selection options while creating the variant.

If you want a detail log, check the detail Log checkbox. You can also give a note for the archiving session. To view the variant attributes, click on the attributes button

Use the meaning field to give a short description of the report variant. If you select the field Protect variant, the variant can only be changed by the person who created it or last changed it. Selecting the field Background only makes the variant executable only in the background.


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