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Picture this: An epic summers day in Africa surround by nature, wildlife and pristine fairways with the occasional sound of a sprinklerhead showering the freshly cut grass. Yes that’s right I’m on a golf course for a SAP charity corporate golf day, on a Wednesday morning and I’m available.

The wireless data tsunami that hit the enterprise industry and fuelled the mobility revolution has literally added accessibility and efficiency to my ever increasing work life balance scorecard. Since SAP Global IT rolled out Lync to many of its supported countries I am now able to talk, chat, share and meet with all my team members scattered throughout Africa, MENA and Russia at any given time. SoftToken RSA secure ID allows me to connect to my VPN and my Citrix client. New Apps released from SAP Global IT such as SAP Box, MyStaffingList, Success Factors BizX Mobile for SAP JAM and the new CATSXT app for time recording all work together to keep me connected and active while I’m not in the office, crusing in a golf cart. With SAP Afaria and PGP encryption I know my device is secured with the most comprehensive security features which protects my mobile data 24/7.

They say Enterprise mobility is the trend towards a shift in work habits, with more employees out the office and using different mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks and I for one couldn’t agree more. The flexibility that mobility solutions offer have changed the way we work. We are more productive and in some cases more creative…point in case: I’m now on the 6th hole, a par 5, dog leg to the right. A call comes in on my Galaxy 3 Android via Lync. A delivery of NetAPP equipment has arrived and my IT colleague informs me that I need to check what was ordered against the PO so that a good receipt can be posted against the delivery. The request is urgent as the delivery driver has his own tablet running a delivery receipt App which requires a digital signature in order to release the invoice (gone of the days of paperwork I guess). I immediately open my VPN and authenticate with SoftToken. Then I open Mobility4SAP App and select Migo,one of the several super-easy-to-develop Fiori Apps that connects to all modules of my SAP ERP, and check the PO. I confirm with him the items that were ordered against the delivery and post the good receipt directly from my phone.  Digital signature can now take place and everything is sorted. I guess that was enterprise mobility in practice and I guess that this real situation inspired me to write this blog…

My name is Darryl Hoffman and I’m a Unit Manager for Client Technology and field IT and I work for SAP. 😉

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  1. Former Member

    Real life is changing! Every year, every month, every day.

    It was necessary about 100 years to make landline phones available mostly everywhere.

    And it was necessary about 20 years to make mobile phones available mostly everywhere.

    Mobile access is available about 5-7 years already.

    Whatshould be next?

  2. Former Member

    Like the the article and nice details on how mobility support bussiness on the road… I would also say  day off from your Laptop 🙂 as everything can be done on mobile.

  3. Former Member

    Great article Darryl and great example of how SAP apps are enabling us to carry out our daily operations on a mobile device.

    How did you finish the round??? 🙂


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