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Have I told you lately………!

yes……yes…….yes… These are the only lines of a beautiful song come to my mind when i think of scn.

back the it was it is scn. but what’s in Name?

It was the year 2006… i was put in SAP Practice and had to cope with SAP Enterprise Portal….

One person was leaving the organisation and i had to take the KT.He called me and told only two things.



🙁 🙁 🙁

He said i am showing you the have to traverse and survive.

well, Life always throws you new challenging situations. i said lets register on sdn.

i am quoting the email i got from registration….

Dear rajendrakumar,

Thank you for joining the SAP Developer Network (SDN). A vibrant community where Experts come together to share their knowledge and help others.


We’re glad you’ve joined! Get started now:

Welcome to our community!


The SDN and BPX Team

That was the start… Soon i realised that sdn had become an inseparable part of my life.

Asking questions, Finding the right answers and  searching the vast sea of knowledge.

I found many helping hands,subject matter experts, friends, ex-colleugues 🙂

Because of sdn i could find the right knowledge,solve issues and complete my project in time…!

based on my experience i started to contribute also…i wanted to write blogs but there was some restriction as to who can write the blogs.

blogs were first sent for moderation and then published,any way i got over the first hurdle and amassed enough points to become eligible to write blogs.

Recognition started coming from SAP and my organisation also.

in the mean time points kept on accumulating and was thrilled to cross 250,500,750 and 1000 mark.

Some were lucky to get SCN T-Shirts… mine never reached me though…but anyways… 🙂

Then the big change happened.

Complete makeover of sdn to SCN.

SCN became more easy and attractive and i love the Gamification concept.

with the Mobile revolution, started using the SCN mobile app and i am hooked to it.

My best wishes to scn and hoping that i becomes better and better !

and yes,

I have told you (scn) lately that i love you 🙂



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