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Windows 8: Working on a Tablet PC with SAP Mobile Apps

I am probably one of the first employees at SAP in Walldorf who works with Windows 8 every day.

So I thought it would be a good idea to give you a short impression on my first experiences.

I decided to go for a Lenovo Helix with Intel i5 and 256 GB SSD disk instead of the Microsoft SURFACE pro.  Main reason is the fact that Lenovo is the newer model.  Surface 2 would have been an option (The new one comes with Haswell processor; longer battery life) but this was not available internally yet.

Below a picture of my desk; it shows the double screens (small one is the touch enabled Modern UI and ideal for Apps, large one is for normal work at my desk) and Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (to avoid the cable mess). For me this is the perfect Hybrid device. On the road I can always switch between them. Especially when downloading some details from an app, I can seamlessly continue to work in MS Excel. This is an excellent compromise between tablet and desktop device. I can now edit and work on it again instead of only consuming data.  I can connect to my c:\ drives and any other shared drives and printers in the company just like I am used to. All classic Windows applications (especially MS Office) work fine and have no compatibility issues like on some other OS.


As a next step I plan to activate WIDI (wireless display) because it would also connect the monitor wirelessly. If wireless charging were available, I could work without any cable connection. When I go home I just undock the tablet from the keyboard and use the apps for the rest of the day. For the weekend I do need the power adapter.

At SAP we already started working on WIN8 apps last year. The majority of apps was done on iOS (Xcode) first, but we see increasing demand for WIN8 Apps due to the fact that people are used to this environment. Right now I have 11 native (C#) developed SAP Apps running (mostly demo), two Fiori apps (much more to come) and a couple of others like SAP Mobile documents. Even some of our new UI5 based reporting is already available internally.  Of course SAP has recognized that development on one unified UI5 is much more effective than developing on iOS, WIN8, RIM and Android separately.

SAP logon and SAPGUI of course also work well.


Interesting is the way we can work with Microsoft Outlook without opening a VPN tunnel.
It’s called “SAP direct access”. There is no longer any need to open a VPN tunnel via the RSA SecureID card, unless you really need to go to internal shared drives or other internal software. This also works under WIN7.


Windows 8 takes a bit of getting used to. The differences are mainly in the new touch-based gestures and about the missing start button. I found that once I got used to the gestures (using your thumbs a bit more), I started appreciating the new way of working with apps.

These are some of the SAP apps that are currently running on Windows 8:

Fiori Approve shopping carts:     workflow app to approve/reject shopping carts from employees

Fiori Track shopping carts:          see the Status of all your shopping carts

SAP Mobile documents:              share documents similar to Dropbox, but inside SAP firewall

SAP Financial fact sheet:            showing financial details of customers

Of course all other browser based solutions also work fine. Especially the new HTML5 based reporting directly on HANA looks awesome.

Assuming that you know a little bit about the SAP Mobile Platform, I also wanted to give you a short look at our SAP Global IT implementation, to show you how we connect our apps to our backoffice systems. The 1st picture shows our standard architecture. Our iOS and Android Apps typically connect VPN-free through the SMP. This is already in place internally for more than 2 yrs with more than 70 apps connected.

With Fiori, we now have the first few apps live but they only run through the gateway, so all the advantages of the SAP Mobile Platform are missing. Performance is also not optimized due to the fact that stylesheets, JavaScript and HTML5 code are all located on the gateway. So to improve this situation we wrap the Fiori apps into a container that will have the typical live tile features that help you to see that some action is required in the apps. Things like “nr. of items” or “new item for approval” will be shown, similar to push notifications under iOS. This is handled with Odata.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Excellent insight on Mobility on these devices, thanks for sharing !

      Author's profile photo Paul Aschmann
      Paul Aschmann

      Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for sharing - really like that summary slide/image of the Architecture types as it gives a nice simple overview of suggested platform/integration.

      Cheers, Paul

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Paul, my pleasure!

      we have more on architecture; like how did we connect the BO Explorer via SMP (again VPN-free). I hope my colleagues at SAP will write something about this in the near future too.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Joseph,

      i'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your Windows as much as i'm. as far as HANA is eclipse based (front end for IDE), a lot is happening in Windows proper and the ability to have your mobile (in my case Lumia) connected and exchanging files between the devices and the cloud comes very handy and into my pocket. i have also survived my 8.1 upgrade today without a major issue (except for annoying arrow and some DLL missing).

      so, we should all thank Apple for giving Microsoft the kick in the... from which they now seem to slowly recover.

      keep us posted on WP apps that we could test with our ECC web servers.



      Author's profile photo Vinay Kumar Dalapathirao
      Vinay Kumar Dalapathirao

      Hello Joseph,

      Thanks for sharing this information.

      We got few glance of applications of what SAP is going to do in future with windows.

      Its right windows is looking for more apps to compete with android,

      Its time to develop more apps on SAP to satisfy customers which are very handy and userful.


      Vinay Kumar

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      great blog! 😎

      Author's profile photo Jason Lax
      Jason Lax

      Very interesting to read about this. The ability to easily switch between both machines/devices when working on MS Office docs would be very attractive.

      I felt a bit lost when I first tried Windows 8 ("Where's that Start button???) but it's time I gave it another try.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Joseph,

      Was wondering if you've taken the SAP DirectAccess further than just with MS Outlook?  We are doing a similar vpn-less for our SAP systems also, but this requires SAPROUTER configuration on a large scale for all traffic and also haven't done any performance testing on this as we don't want to negatively impact our users just to save a few upfront authentication vpn clicks for userid/password to have overall SAP performance not be good with SAPROUTER performing the load balancing.




      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Doreen,

      sorry for the late answer; yes we do much more with direct access.

      Network drives, portal etc Only NOT SAPGUI and backups.



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