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When OS X Mavericks became available last week, being the nerd I am, I upgraded pretty much straight away. Everything I care about has continued to work as it did before the upgrade. Except one thing – Personas. It turns out that the version of Safari in 10.9 has implemented proper sandboxing of browser plugins, and the implication of this for Personas is that there is no access to the local filesystem. Recording a script fails at the point where you try to save the recording. Adding a recorded script to a script button fails at the point where you select the recording file. The failure manifests itself as a pop-up like this:


Fortunately there’s a way to turn this off. Head to the Safari preferences, select the Security tab and hit the Manage Website Settings… button:


Here you’ll see a list of browser plugins and the permissions they have when used from various sites. Select the Silverlight plugin from the list on the left and you’ll see a list of sites that have used it so far, along with permissions for that plugin from that site.


At first sight, the default Allow settings looks OK, but click on that button and you’ll see an option to Run in Unsafe Mode. Select that and you’ll be asked if you really want to trust that site:


Once you trust a site, the Allow setting indicates this with a fairly subtle warning triangle:


After all this, quit and restart Safari and Personas will allow you to record and load scripts once again 🙂

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