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Handheld (legacy system ) to SAP Sales Process overview

Handheld (legacy system ) to SAP  Sales Process overview

In today scenario we have many company using SAP for tracking SD (sales & distribution ) . SAP interact with Different Legacy system (non SAP) for normal process to intregate SAP and SAP or SAP and Legacy systems .

In a handheld scenario , we have Sales represenative ideally use a HH (handheld ) device to take on Sales order and Add basic master data like new customer for any route etc . The Handheld will provide mobility in terms of the sales representatives for different manufacturing / retails companies will goto any route and take up sales orders for the customers for any routes . In case they see and meet new customer who are willing to purchase or place and order . The sales represenatative will capture sales orders for these new customers also through HH . They would have shell customer or new customer template that they will map the new customers to . Once they are verified they will be authorized to bill and supplied their Order placed . Before authorization , to avoid duplicate Customers setup for any route , the customers are placed in a block and Sales order in SAP will have Hard incompletions .

Once the Sales order is saved in HH . The Sales Rep add these HH to network ports and do a send . Once the SO from the HH are put on service network , they all are saved in a flat file which is sent to SAP via Middleware . Once the flat file reached SAP , A customized program will break up these File into Inbound IDOCS and each idoc will create a Sales orders corresponding to the Flat file created earlier ( HH related Sales order created . )  . Since interaction is with legacy system and SAP . we do send an update as an outbound idoc to HH system again for the sales rep to be aware that the Sales order has been created in SAP also . This is done through an output from SO which send the idocs to HH system . this will ensure that idocs / SO are not missed inbetween SAP and HH system and a 2 way communication is set up correctly , as required .

HH devices can be configured to be more flexible to interact to SAP for more functions , as per business requirements .

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  • SAP interaction with Legacy system has been a normal practise these days . I have seen many projects having customized settings and multiple legacy systems . Communication between SAP to SAP or SAP to Legacy (vice versa) is through IDOCS . tcode to view IDOC is we02 . these idocs carry information for sync / update from one system to another  . data can also be sent through Files from one system to another and then a customized program can break up the records in file to generate SAP data .

    A good practise is to have minimum Legacy system and majorly SAP implemented all across different modules  , since data between SAP and Legacy system would also require sync in case of presence of legacy system . all master data records would need sync in all system .

      • SriNivas : this document is prepared for giving an overview abut the Handheld process which is being used in many sales process to capture orders and new customers . I have provided details about the business process also  . This is a good document to understand the business flow that happens . i would be shortly putting up more specific details too , which i have already mentioned is in progress.