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I was able to slip a camera past the ultra-tight security that was in place for the one-night-only live performance of the SAP Jam Band at TechEd 2013 in Las Vegas and now bring to you what will surely become legend in the annals of rock and roll history. It was an amazing event, and I am glad I was there and had the presence of mind even through my excitement to video it all. For your viewing pleasure, I present…..the SAP Jam Band….. LIVE IN VEGAS!!!!

The band is composed of many performers, including:

Mark Finnern

Martin Gillet

Matt Harding

Alisdair Templeton

Gretchen Lindquist

Bryan Enochs

Sam Yen

Chris Kernaghan

…and many more!

Feel free to use the nifty little “star rating” system below for rating their performance! 😆

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  1. Mark Finnern

    Wow Chris, excellent video work with weaving in Ed Sullivan and American Idol.

    I am the first to admit, my singing was at least at the beginning crinch inducing 🙁 I am sorry, was hoping there wasn’t a record of it. Will do better next time in Amsterdam!

    Was good to have Gretchen Lindquist and the mystery Aussie to save the day with an amazing rendition of Walking on Sunshine and It’s a long way to the top if you want to Rock ‘n Roll.

    When I saw everyone getting comfortable with their beers lounging on their been bags, looking expectantly at us: Now, show us what you got, which was different from what we envisioned. I panicked a bit, but SAP Mentors friends and family to the rescue, we got folks off the ground and dancing 🙂

    Let’s see how long it takes for the “take it down” request on YouTube, but you did it smartly,  no mention of song, and me singing off key my even deflect their automatic bots.

    Well done and thanks, Mark.

    P.S. Hope you put your camera down after that song and joined the singing and dancing.

  2. Susan Keohan

    I had no idea that Simon Cowell was there – but I could see how much Paula Abdul enjoyed it – although maybe not as much as I did!

    Thanks Chris!

    <lucky if you don’t get removed by moderator for points badgering>

    1. Christopher Solomon
      Post author

      Ahhhh Sue…so you caught on to what the little smiley face laugh meant eh? (ie showing how to EASILY use the system for other than intended purpose hahahaha)

    1. Mark Finnern

      Yes Chris, that’s what Rumspringa is all about: Give it your all, even if out of tune, but have the time of your life while doing it 🙂 Next Stop Amsterdam! Still need some folks to join and give it their all 🙂 Ping me!


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