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Dynamic BDC Execution and Program Generation..

Initially functional people create the BDC recording in SAP System with respect to any standard T-code to upload the data or execute the process for one or multiple records, and used to ask a Technical person (ABAPer) to create the respective BDC program, which executes for one or multiple records.

Now the Kaizen idea by me, where we can save the huge chunk of time by the following program, which basically creates a BDC program of any existing or newly created recording of SAP System.

Below is the Process to execute the created Program.

  1. Give an existing BDC Recorded name in BDC Name input field or select the F4 for the Display the all BDC information.

2.     Select any one of the recording from the above screen and select the Process button.

3.     Then the below screen will appear with the selected Recording.

4.     If user enters the recorded name without selecting the F4 option and if the entered record is having more than one record with same name then the same will open window with all respective entered recorded information.

6.     By default all recorded fields are selected,

7.     Enter the respective value and select the Process with Button to execute the selected recording.

8.     You can change the mode if required with the help of these :

A          Display all screens

E          Display errors

N          Background processing

P          Background processing; debugging possible

9.     After execution, the below window will appear with all respective successful or error message:

13.     After selecting the Generate Excel File, a pop-up window will open to select the file save location.

14.     Select a valid folder and select Ok to Proceed.

15.     The respective excel file will get saved in the selected location. The excel file name would be the ‘Selected BDC Name.xls’.

16.     To generate the Program code, the procedure are same as generate the excel file.

17.     When one selects the Generate Program button, the “same file as” save as window will open to choose a location.

18.     After selecting a valid location in PC, a txt file will generate with the ‘Selected BDC Name.txt’.

19.     A Functional person needs to open the respective text file and copy all the code from the file.

20.     Then one needs to go to the SE38 T-code to create a Program.

21.     Give a Proper name for the program with all respective information.

22.     Then paste the copied code from the downloaded text file.

23.     Change the name of the report with the new name.

24.     Then activate the program and execute. You will get the below input window.

25.     The particular program can be used for the single entry data process or an excel file with selection of any excel file with F4 option.

26.     Once it executes with single entry or excel file, the output will display as below screen with all respective information of each records.

This is a very basic Program to Generate a BDC Execution program with very basic option.

Thanks & Regards.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Praveer,

      Nice work.

      But cant be generate the program for a recording through SHDB also?

      There is a create program button in SHDB.

      Author's profile photo Praveer Kumar Sen
      Praveer Kumar Sen
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, It is possible to generate the program through SHDB, but that will only work with DATA SET.

      In my program i given two options to upload the data for the BDC 1. Direct input and 2. Excel File.

      Thanks & Regards.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Normally I used to generate program through SHDB and then make changes in it to accept file.

      Your program is a better option. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Reduce my effort to write code.. 😉

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Praveer,

      Awesome post. Thankyou for sharing.