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Delivery with one material and one qunatity

Scenario: Company ABC manufactures very high value equipments. these are sold across the country through their own dealer network. Dealers are free to place orders for any product and quantity. Company provides credit facility to dealers for buying equipment.

ABC Company runs its business on SAP which is used for procurement, production, sales and logistics activities, for dealers they have DMS system (Non SAP) which is use for Purchasing, inventory management, service and sales to end customers.

Sales Orders are created via. Interface in SAP from DMS. Delivery processing and shipping planning starts parallely, because of no credit shipping process should not stop. So update group 15 is used so that the deliveries are considered to calculate credit exposure. There is also a legal requirement to create one invoice per equipment.

Considering the above business requirement the IT team proposed to create delivery with one material and one quantity.

Now let’s see how to fulfill the business requirement in SAP.

Mostly deliveries are created using due list transaction here lets take example of VL10E.

Navigate to the below given path


Click on configure list profile copy 0201 and give a new name e.g. Z800


Make changes as above in red.

Change Cumul. Rule to 9 use exit LV50R_VIEWH19.

In user exit set the value of cf_kumng = 1

In Field “SplitSchedLine” set value to “1 Deliver only one schedule line”

(This will deliver only one schedule line for selected item e.g. for item 10 there are 3 schedule lines and when all three are selected for delivery, system will create delivery for the first schedule line out of all)

Once the delivery is created the cumulative quantity is set to original cumulative qty. as per order confirmation, so the log settings are changed to show on the same screen. Upon pressing any button the refresh will get activated and the exit is called again to set qty. to 1.

Now choose “Assignment of List Profile to Delivery Scenario” in IMG and assign as shown below


To have a split based on item number pass sales order item number (POSNR) to LIKP-ZUKRL in copy controls.

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  • Hi Praveen,

    Thanks for sharing this. I have a similar requirement, but instead of creating delivery for 1 qty, it will be for the actual truck allowed weight that will be picking up the order. For example, if the SO is for 100000 LB, and if 10 trucks (allowed weight 10000 LB) are scheduled for pick up, then the requirement is to create 10 outbound deliveries. I will be including this logic in the userexit.

    Can you please provide more details/steps on how,what point, and values that LIKP-ZUKRL needs to be updated? I have seen other users commenting that this field should be updated with unique number.

    Thanks in advance.


      • Hi Praveen,

        Yes, I am aware of this functionality. As the requirement is NOT to split an existing delivery into subsequent deliveries, and create multiple deliveries at once for a SO, we are going through this approach. Any input on field LIKP-ZUKRL will be greatly appreciated.

        Thanks in advance.


        • Hi Varnu,

          Based on my understanding from your requirement that order with 1 item with multiple quantity need to split into multiple deliveries. For this you dont need to use LIKP-ZUKRL.

          This comes into play when you have to split the multiple items in one order into multiple deliveries Eg. Order 1 with items 3 if you user LIKP-ZUKRL and pass item number to it you get 3 deliveries.

          But in the currnet scenario, Its not the case so you dont need to use LIKP-ZUKRL. You can achieve the required result by using user exit LV50R_VIEWH19 to modify the delivery quantity based on weight. And you need to run the delivery creation transaction 10 times or you may schedule a job for delivery creation.

          but if your order has more items and you want to use the delivery split based on weight then you have use user exit LV50R_VIEWH19 to modify the item quantity (based on weight) and group several items in one delivery by passing a different value to field LIKP-ZUKRL to create delivery. Even in this case at one go all deliveries will not be created. As one item cannot be split into two deliveries at one go.

          The below example will give you some idea on this. All items belong to same order. In this case 2 deliverys will be created in first run. For remaining you have to run delivery creation 1 more time.


          Hope i am clear.



          • Dear Praveen .. Very good information you have shared

            But my doubt is is it possible to achieve this only by functional consultants.

            Thanks a lot 

          • Hi Venu Goplal,

            Config. is done by functional consultant but the user exit  LV50R_VIEWH19

            needs to be implemented by a developer or if you have a developer key you can do it.



  • Hi Praveen,

    Thanks for such a good information.

    I am interested to understand your requirement in more detail.

    As you said “Considering the above business requirement the IT team proposed to create delivery with one material and one quantity.”

    I understand the requirement of One Material, but why ONE Quantity?

    How many Line Items do you have in Sales Order and what about the Quantity of each line item.

    Thanks and regards,

    Amitesh Anand

    • Hi Amitesh Anand,

      This is to avoide blocking of customer credit limit. If you choose more then one quantity then the credit limit in delivery will consider given qty. in delivey.



      • Hi Praveen,

        Thanks for clarification.

        Do you create the delivery once you want to deliver the material, or you create the delivery in advance? Creation of delivery is an automatic process (Batch Process) or Manual?

        Thanks and regards,

        Amitesh Anand

        • Hi Amitesh Anand,

          We create delivery only when its required if you create in advance the customer credit exposure is blocked if he wants to buy some thing else then he cannot buy.

          Are you just trying to understand the above scenario or do you have any other requirement ?



          • Hi Praveen,

            Thanks for further clarification.

            I was asking these questions just out of curiosity to understand the Business requirement.


  • Hi Praveen,


    Thank you for the blog, i just have a question whether i can get value against  cf_kumng in User Exit: LV50R_VIEWH19 which is same like open quantity in VL10E ? instead of passing a default value of 1?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Sumit Minhas