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Customized Version of Launchpad

If standard or SAP Delivered launchpad is modified then customized version of the launchpad is generated. This version takes the precedence over the  standard version and will be considered for displaying and also at runtime.

In next release if SAP delivers new contents in the same launchpad, after the upgrade new contents are not visible in the launchpad (if launchpad is associated with switch then make sure that business function is on) since the customized version of the launchpad is displayed.


To display SAP Version of the launchpad (in customized version generated launchpad):

In order to see the SAP version then, choose menu Extras -> Show SAP Version.


Both SAP version and Customized Versions of the launchpad are displayed.



Either user can adjust the changes or can delete the customized version of the launchpad to get the SAP delivered Version.


To delete the custom version:


Navigate to LPD_CUST transaction and locate the launchpad

Click on Delete button next for the launchpad


Note: Do this operation carefully for the launchpad with customized version only. if you accidently delete other launchpad or delete the intended launchpad wrongly then restoring the launchpad would be an issue.

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