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The comparisation of the SAP GUI Scripting API version 7300.24.249 from the SAP GUI for Windows PL4 with the version 7300.26.249 from the PL6 delivers a new class called GuiListControl.

$CLSID_SAPFEWSELib_GuiListControl = GUID$("{CC75EA97-3DB1-4BDF-9791-89D09B1800A0}")
$IID_SAPFEWSELib_ISapListControlTarget = GUID$("{6E824989-726A-45EE-9FF0-52DC1A41D8D4}")


And here the methods:

' Interface Name  : ISapListControlTarget
' Class Name      : GuiListControl
' ClassID         : $CLSID_SAPFEWSELib_GuiListControl
Interface IDBind ISapListControlTarget
    Member Call SetFocus <32024> ()
    Member Call Visualize <32039> (In On As Integer<0>, Opt In InnerObject As Variant<1>) As Integer
    Member Call DumpState <31194> (In InnerObject As WString<0>) As IDispatch
    Member Call ShowContextMenu <32068> ()
    Member Call FindById <32029> (In Id As WString<0>, Opt In Raise As Variant<1>) As IDispatch
    Member Call FindByName <32026> (In Name As WString<0>, In Type As WString<1>) As IDispatch
    Member Call FindByNameEx <32034> (In Name As WString<0>, In Type As Long<1>) As IDispatch
    Member Call FindAllByName <32035> (In Name As WString<0>, In Type As WString<1>) As IDispatch
    Member Call FindAllByNameEx <32036> (In Name As WString<0>, In Type As Long<1>) As IDispatch
    Member Call SelectContextMenuItem <34100> (In FunctionCode As WString<0>)
    Member Call SelectContextMenuItemByText <34101> (In Text As WString<0>)
    Member Call SelectContextMenuItemByPosition <34102> (In PositionDesc As WString<0>)
    Member Call SetSelectionID <1> (In i As Long<0>)
    Member Call GetSelectionID <2> () As Long
    Member Call GetSelectionText <3> () As WString
    Member Call GetTextFromID <4> (In idVal As Long<0>) As WString
    Member Call SetInputControlText <5> (In ISapListControlTarget As WString<0>) As Integer
    Member Call GetInputControlText <6> () As WString
    Member Get Name <32001> () As WString
    Member Get Type <32015> () As WString
    Member Get TypeAsNumber <32032> () As Long
    Member Get ContainerType <32033> () As Integer
    Member Get Id <32025> () As WString
    Member Get Parent <32038> () As IDispatch
    Member Get Text <32000> () As WString
    Member Let Text <32000> ()
    Member Get Left <32003> () As Long
    Member Get Top <32004> () As Long
    Member Get Width <32005> () As Long
    Member Get Height <32006> () As Long
    Member Get ScreenLeft <32046> () As Long
    Member Get ScreenTop <32047> () As Long
    Member Get Tooltip <32008> () As WString
    Member Get Changeable <32009> () As Integer
    Member Get Modified <32030> () As Integer
    Member Get IconName <32037> () As WString
    Member Get AccTooltip <32042> () As WString
    Member Get AccLabelCollection <32043> () As IDispatch
    Member Get AccText <32044> () As WString
    Member Get AccTextOnRequest <32045> () As WString
    Member Get ParentFrame <32050> () As IDispatch
    Member Get IsSymbolFont <32061> () As Integer
    Member Get DefaultTooltip <32069> () As WString
    Member Get Children <32019> () As IDispatch
    Member Get SubType <33700> () As WString
    Member Get CurrentContextMenu <33701> () As IDispatch
    Member Get Handle <33702> () As Long
    Member Get AccDescription <33703> () As WString
    Member Get OcxEvents <33705> () As IDispatch
    Member Get DragDropSupported <33706> () As Integer
End Interface

It contains a lot of new methods for the SAP list control. Cool…

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